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Key Print Interviews, Articles and Press Releases

01/08/2024 2024 Heralds Safe Alternative to Weight Loss Drugs: TMBS Weight Loss

01/18/2023 Beyond Binary and Pronouns...'Symbols of You' Helps Connect to Oneness

11/12/2022 Patch: 'Extraordinarily Powerful Speaker And Presenter': Redondo Beach Hero'

03/18/2020 HealthyLife.net Founder Linda Mackenzie Receives Arts & Entertainment Award

6/07/2017 Omega Institute Taps HealthyLife.Net's Linda Mackenzie for Psychic Workshop

8/12/2015 2015 Best of Manhattan Beach Award: Arts & Entertainment

12/2014 - Beach Reporter, Daily Breeze and Long Beach Telegram

July-August 2014 - Exceptional People Magazine

09/11 -Cover & Article - South Bay Woman Magazine

9/02/10 - Article - Time Magazine

6/10 - Article - Talkers Magazine

1/14/09 - Press Release- Linda Mackenzie's "Psychic Secrets Unveiled" Exhibit Debuts

9/25/2008-News Article-Easy Reader

9/09/208-Press Release - Linda Mackenzie's New Documentary Short
"Many Faces of Psychic Ability" Pierces Veil of Confusion

9/05/09-News Mention-Radio and Records Magazine

Past Apperances, Press and Awards

Multiple appearances on: ABC ** BBC (London) ** FOX ** NBC ** CBS ** Granada TV (London) ** Roseanne! ** Century Cable (Los Angeles) ** History Channel ** TCI (Los Angeles) ** Extra! ** Discovery Channel ** KCAL (Channel 9) ** Channel 11 ** National Enquirer TV ** TCN ** TNN ** Tokyo TV ** E! Entertainment ** SAT1 German TV ** KTLA (Channel 5) ** TurnerVision (TVI) ** Wisdom TV ** Media One (Boston) ** PBS ** TNN ** Health Watch (400 syndicated stations) ** Med Star TV ** Adelphia Beach Beat ** Adelphia Speak Easy **SpiritTalkTV**Wazilliow Network** Ion Network** NewsWatch** and more.

Documentary Video/DVD Talent
Independent Film - Many Faces of Psychic Ability ***Major Participant: New Orleans Rich & Haunted *** Ghosts of England *** Ghosts of Belgrave Hall*** Crest Hill Mansion *** The Comedy Store *** VisionQuest Video Talent: Numerology, Astrology, Tarot, Palm Reading
Radio Host & Radio Talent
Ongoing since 2002 Radio Host - Healthy Life.Net Radio Network
8 year Radio Host "Creative Health & Spirit Show" - PAX Radio, CRN
2 year Radio Host "Creative Health & Spirit Show" - Wisdom Radio
Radio Co-Host: KPSL *** WGMD
Fill-In Spots: Carter Broadcasting *** WKDI *** WELI
Station ID voice: KCMJ
Radio Guest

KNX 1070, WEUP, BBC (London), KKBA, WDRC, WXCY, KLAV, WELI, WYHI, WVOJ, KBCO, Carter Broadcasting, KPSL, WESB, KABC, KRIX, WGMD, KBFX, KISS-FM, KRLA, WIMS, KBOD, KVSF, WJOR, KCMJ, WKDI, KCOL, WKDR, KFWB, WVOJ, UBN, Talk America, WXLW, KJFF, KDKA, KLAS, WMAS, WTJM, WWDB, WSBA, KBBV, WBCB, KJFF, Car Talk (600 Stations), KSWN, KTLK, VoiceAmerica, Shortwave (Int'l Tesla Society), Frankie Boyer Show, Heart of Mind Radio, Coincidencer's Radio, All About Healing, Casual Saints, SpiritTalk Live!, Dr. Bernie Siegel Show, Backbeat Radio, Sally Kirkland Show, Practical Mindset, Centerpoint, Mind Shock!, Kindred Spirits, Spiritual Commonsense, Voices of Courage, The Crystal Quest, The Schapera Show and more.

Voice Over Talent
Radio Commercial Voice Overs:
Imperial Palace Hotel, JTL Enterprises, Ener-G Foods, CHSP Products, NNC, XTC Cross Training Center, NESI, Remedial Care Products, Say Yes To Living, Chiropractic Health Center, Vega Products, OSA, Inc., Art/Spirit, Solay Wellness, Book Expo America, Conscious Living Expo, ByRegion.Net, Klamath Inc, Grogan Sports, Mystic Pop, Keller Williams, Amber Collection, Skin Deep, the Messenger, Awareness Magazine, Whole Life Times, The Natural Dentist, Now & Zen and more.
TV Commercial Voice Overs: The Amber Collection, Keller Williams
Audio Talent
CHS - Audio CD - Get Sponsors for Your Web Radio Show
CHS - Audio CD - Promote & Market Your Web Radio Show
CHS - Audio CD - Get On Radio
CHS - Audio CD - Many Faces of Psychic Ability
CHS - 60 min. Audio CD - Help Yourself Heal - Menopause
CHS - 2 -60 min. Audio CDs - TMBS Weight Loss Program
VisionQuest Video & Audio - 12-60 min. Audio Tape Help Yourself Heal Series:
Anger, Anxiety, Asthma, Pain, Arthritis, Chronic Fatigue, Headaches, Stress, Cancer, Chemotherapy, Low Immune, General Illness
Articles, Feature Writer Articles and Book, Audio, Product Reviews:
InsideRadio, Radio & Records, Mystic Pop Magazine, the Messenger, Awareness Magazine, Houston Chronicle, The Daily Breeze, Hi-Times Magazine, About.com, Publishers Weekly, Aquarian Age, Coast News, Concepts Magazine, NAPRA Review, Nexus Magazine, Natural Pharmacy Magazine, Health & Nutrition Breakthroughs, New Age Retailer, Nutrition Science News, Whole Life Times, Baker & Taylor, Ingram, Leading Edge, The Book Reader, Metaphysical Reviews, Chiropractic Products, Health Products Business, Vitamin Retailer, Nutraceuticals World, The Bodhi Tree, Lightwords Review, Sarasota Springs Herald, Ministry Magazine, Las Vegas Review Journal, Metro Magazine, New Product News, Whole Foods Magazine, Mindquest, The Writing/Publishing Shelf, Bottom Line Personal, Arizona Networking News, Chiropractic Products, The Sun, Kinetics Magazine, South Bay Woman Magazine, Talkers Magazine, Retailing Insight Magazine and more...
National Book Signings:
Borders Books, Barnes & Noble, Bodhi Tree Bookstore, B. Daltons, Supercrown Books, Awakenings Bookstore, Alexandria II, The Latest Thing, Wiseman Bookstore (NJ), Relax on Cloud 9 (NY), Health & Fitness Expo, International New Age Trade Show, Whole Life Expo (LA), Whole Life Expo (SFO), Renew U Expo (Boston), Natural Products West, Natural Products East (Baltimore), Earth & Sky, Dave's Olde Book Shoppe, The Hungry Mind, Natural Pharmaceutical Conference Baltimore, Natural Pharmaceutical Conference Palm Springs, American Cancer Society Relay for Life, The Path, Florida Chitopractors Expo, Bretano's, Village Books, Manhattan Beach Library, Redondo Beach Library, South Bay Beauty and more...
Expos & Speaking Engagements (includes multiple appearances at same location)
Natural Pharmaceutical  Conference, Arlington, VA;  Natural Pharmaceutical  Conference, Palm Springs, CA; Whole Life Expo L.A., CA;  Whole Life Expo, San Francisco;  New Life Expo, NYC, NY;  Learning Annex San Diego;  Learning Annex Los Angeles;  Renew You Expo, Boston, MA;  Allergy/Asthma Expo NYC;  Vogue Theater Hollywood, CA;  Health /Fitness Expo, NJ;  Chiropractor Expo, Orlando, FL;  LA Times Festival of Health;  HealthyLife.Net Live in L.A.!; Murad Corporation; Exxon Corp.; Chevron Corp
Northrup Gruman; American Cancer Society; U.C.L.A Harbor General; S.I. University  Hospital, Kaiser Permante Hospital, L.A.; Hoag Hospital, San Diego; Fern Ctr Hospital , San Gabriel; U.C.L.A Harbor General; Torrance Memorial Hospital; El Segundo Kiwanis; Rotary Club L.A., CA; Saddleback High Club, Professional Women's Org.  L.A., CA, Optimist Club Sherman Oaks, Valencia Shriners, NY Firemans Association, Roxbury Discussion Group, Beverly Hills;  M.A.S.H. Long Beach, CA; Mended Hearts San Diego, CA; Good News Networking , M.B.; Integrative Resources, NY; CEFCA,Culver City, CA; SouthWest Manuscriptors; Redondo Beach Library; Sunset Hall Senior Center, L.A.; Freda Mohr Senior Center, L.A.; Senior Family Svcs, Hermosa Beach; Redondo Beach Health Fair;  CA State Fullerton, Fullerton; Orange Coast College; FIT College of Design, Los Angeles; Intl Assoc for Clinical Hypnotherapists L.A.; Concepts Center; Anaheim; Relax  On Cloud Nine, S.I., NY; The Latest Thing; Alexandria II, Pasadena; Health Concepts Fitness Ctr  Fairview, NJ; Nautilus for Women, S.I., NY; Yoga Connections M.B., CA; Natural Products West, Wiseman Bookstore; The Latest Thing; Manhattan Beach Chamber of Commerce; The Path, Biltmore Hotel, Positive Life Conferences, West Side Wholistic Chamber of Commerce, Society for PSI Research and Education, Paraplex Paranormal Center, Conscious Life Expo, The Path Spiritual Center, AWRT-SoCal (American Women in Radio and Television), Mystic Journeys Bookstore, Bodhi Tree Bookstore, Omega Institute, Soul Search -LAX, Soul Search- Pasadena, Soul Search -Carlsbas, Soul Sarch -Santa Ana and more.

Museum Exhibits
Linda Mackenzie's Psychic Secrets Unveiled Exhibit - Paraplex Paranormal Museum, New Orleans, LA, 2009
Awards & Recognition
Great Women of the 21st Century - Radio Broadcasting, 2006
Who's Who International, 2004-Present
Who's Who, 2003-Present
Phenomenal Women of the Web, 2003
COVR Visionary Award-Best Spoken Word Audio, 1999
COVR Visionary Award-Best Metaphysical Book, 1998
Who's Who in Medicine & Healthcare, 1997-Present
True Human Being Award, 1996
Who's Who of Women Executives, 1989-Present
Who's Who of American Women, 1987-Present
Alexander Award, Metropolitan Museum of Art, 1967

Mystic Pop Magazine states..."One could easily describe Linda Mackenzie as the proverbial pebble that started the spiritual ripple in the pond of life to millions in search of self and a new beginning."

"Thanks for your time and help on the show today! We want you back!"
- P. Gonzales, UBN Radio

"Thank you for appearing on our show you were a fantastic guest, everyone loved you!" -Daphne-Weld Nichols,Boston's Living Unlimited TV

"You break all records for call-ins every time you're on. Even at 6 am in the morning!" - Gary, KPSL

"You comfort people from your soul and are a rose among thorns. Thank you." - S. H., KGMD

"Your interview on the Brad Davis show was a huge success from our standpoint. We would like to do another one next month!"
- Laura Kittel, WDRC

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