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2024 Heralds Safe Alternative to Weight Loss Drugs:
Total Mind-Body-Spirit Weight Loss

New effective 'no drug-no diet' weight loss approach developed by former Supplement Manufacturer, HealthyLife.net Radio owner Linda Mackenzie

MANHATTAN BEACH, CALIFORNIA, US, January 08, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ --
Weight Loss drugs - they're in the news with many more on the horizon. They're expensive, only completely effective as long as you take them and can have debilitating side effects like stomach paralysis, colon blockages and even thyroid cancer. Tired of the drug industry's adverse side effects and knowing there are safer ways to address weight loss 74 year 'young', 50-year natural health advocate Linda Mackenzie (https://www.lindamackenzie.net)releases Total Mind-Body-Spirit Weight Loss. The book gives people a cost effective, long term way to discover and eliminate the cause of weight gain and maintain their weight loss.

"Just listen to any Pharmaceutical TV ad and you will hear all the possible adverse side effects. These new weight loss drugs are no different. I wanted to develop a healthy easy drug and diet free way for people to lose weight and keep it off. So I did." explains Mackenzie.

A totally organic and unique approach the book tackles the four types of stress that actually cause weight gain. Readers will discover their hidden reasons why they gain and retain weight. They'll be able to alter their emotional ties to eating, change eating habits and effortlessly become motivated to exercise. Using the concept of transforming your mind to change your body, this all-natural drug free program is the reader's missing link to help actualize their perfect weight with or without dieting...in less than 30 minutes a day!

There's a bonus section that includes the 'LindaMac' diet to help readers lose weight even faster while boosting their immune system towards optimal health. The book also comes with handy conversion

charts to convert almost any recipe into tasty and healthy gluten-casein-sugar free alternatives. A diet Linda has been on since 1992 and attributes to her being in perfect health, at her perfect weight and pharmaceutical drug free at 74.

Compiled from years of research, plus numerous lectures, classes and actual testing - the book is available in paperback, Ebook and audiobook online and wherever fine books are sold.

About Linda Mackenzie: Linda was the 1st woman telecom engineer in the airlines, started one of the 1st used PC store in America, was President of a Dietary Supplement Manufacturing Company and is the Founder of HealthyLife.net Radio Network and HRNradio.com. She is Clinical Hypnotherapist Ph.D. candidate, an award winning multi-book author, radio host, lecturer and audio/film producer. Linda has appeared worldwide on hundreds of radio shows, almost all TV and cable networks and was a major participant in several award winning documentaries. (www.lindamackenzie.net)

About Healthylife.net Radio: Operating since 2002, HealthyLife.net Radio Network's all positive talk is syndicated/simulcast 24/7 over 75 distribution channels that reach 2.6 million monthly listeners in 137 countries. Their all positive programs span a variety of genres and are hosted by over 40 recognized TV, film, radio and national experts. Designed to help people have a happy, healthy life listeners enjoy 'No App Listening' on all devices right from the HealthyLife.Net (www.healthylife.net) website.

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