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Linda Mackenzie: Positive Energy in Action

Linda is an entertaining, upbeat, informative media personality and expert on the topics of: Internet radio, natural health and the paranormal. She has appeared on almost all major network and cable TV channels and hundreds of radio shows. Past Appearances

The following story angles can be customized to fit your specific needs.
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Natural Health

1. Mind Power for Weight Loss
Discover the 4 types of stress that cause weight gain and the 6 steps to losing weight. Linda takes you through the mind-body connection to discover how balancing the brain can have an effect on weight loss. Your audience will explore the power of learning to "Think Thin" and how visualization and self-hypnosis can help commitment, motivation, altering emotional ties to eating and change eating habits.

2. The High Immune System Anti-Aging Diet
A victim of EBV/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Linda has successfully overcome this auto-immune system disease and has been illness free for over 13 years and looks 10 years younger! The largest contributor to her ongoing wellness is what she calls the "NO" diet which she continues to use today. Linda will divulge her anti-aging secrets and this helpful diet to help your audience maintain peak vitality and health.

3. Managing Stress and Change
In these times stress is tantamount. Linda can give information on the early warning Signs of "too much" stress; how to manage the 4 types of stress; how to cope with the cyclical path of change; the positive aspects of change and how to use positive thinking to reduce stress. She will even give you a 1 minute "Stress Buster" technique that can work immediately to reduce stress.

4. Menopause Naturally
Menopause is a woman's time of power, wisdom and knowledge. Producer of the 1st audio tape on helping menopause symptoms with visualization, Linda can talk about the cultural history of menopause; differences between HRT, ERT and NRT therapies; symptoms of menopause; and natural healing treatments for Menopause including Diet, Aromatherapy, Herbs, Vitamins & Supplements, Exercise and, Visualization.

5. Keys to Staying Positive
We have the right to choose whether we view life as half-empty or half-full. Viewing Life half-full has many hidden benefits. Linda will reveal the 8 "Staying Positive" keys and their benefits on the mind, body, emotions and spirit as she shows how staying positive helps to minimize and/or eliminates fear.

Paranormal Topics

1. Many Faces of Psychic Ability
We all have psychic ability. It's time to understand. Unprecedented in scope, Linda will explain where psychic ability comes from and present historical data, little known facts, along with personal experiences, on the more than 17 different and distinct types of psychic ability that exist in the world of paranormal phenomena.

2. Psychic Secrets Unveiled
Linda will explain how psychic energy works in the eleven energy zones. Filled with amazing and entertaining stories which enlighten your audience to the fact that psychic ability is not a special gift, but an inherent natural talent we all have. A talent that varies in intensity, type, level and experience per individual. It will clarify how 'you are your own best psychic' and why it's time to understand this talent.

3. Ghost Stories
Having seen ghosts since the age of eight, Linda has been in several documentaries and on many domestic and international radio & television shows, discussing and interacting with ghosts. Her unique ability to be able to stand on a property and get relatively accurate names, dates and stories of the people who have occupied that property, throughout time, as well as actually conversing with ghosts and helping them get to the other side is an exciting topic for your audience.

4. God-Based Psychic Readings On Air
Psychic since the age of 8, Linda has been doing God-based on-air psychic readings almost every week for over 15 years. An advisor to businesses, political figures, celebrities, top musicians and private individuals Linda no longer is in private practice. The only time people can get a reading with Linda is on her weekly radio show, at her in person events and in the media, where she breaks all records for call-ins.

5. Energy Protection
Everything is energy. Everything exists and we are all energetically connected. Even a thought form is energy so therefore energy effects us. Linda will show your audience where the hidden negative energy comes from. They'll discover practical protection tips and tools that have a plethora of every day uses from handling an angry person to staying relaxed and positive. These methods can help change negative energy to positive.

Internet Radio Topics

1. Internet Radio - The Next Generation
What is the Future of Internet Radio? How will Internet Radio be Monetized? What's going to happen to Podcasts? How will Internet Radio impact Satellite and Terrestrial Radio? What is the Profile of the Future Internet Radio Listener? Linda brings her expertise as a successful pioneer in Internet Radio to give you the answers to these questions and more.

2. The Effects of Positive Media
Imagine a media world with no sensationalism and where controversy is presented only with viable possible solutions. Let Linda help your audience discover the dynamic influence that positive media can have on individuals, the community and the world. Starting with the effects on one's mental, emotional and physical levels she and ending on how using positive media can help heal the planet this informative and common sense discussion will open your eyes to the secret benefits of positive media in all areas of life.

3. Are Podcasts Internet Radio?
There are literally thousands of people podcasting, but is podcasting true Internet radio? Let Linda show you the advantages and differences between podcasting and Internet radio and give your audience her predictions of the future of podcasting and Internet Radio.

4. Advertising on Internet Radio
Find out the advantages and possibilities to advertising on Internet Radio as Linda delves into the why, what, where, when and how your audience can maximize their ROI in this hot new place for advertising dollars. You'll discover the reality of what you can expect via branding, promotions and actual results and why in hard economic times niche market Internet radio is a viable, cost-effective alternative.

5. How to Promote & Market Your Web Radio Show
An 8 year veteran radio host of terrestrial, satellite and cable radio and with 7 years as a radio host and General Manager on Internet radio Linda will relay to your audience cutting edge techniques and methods on what is necessary to get, maintain and grow a loyal listener base.

To book Linda call Kelly at (310)371-5444 or email: kelly@healthylife.net

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