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On Internet Radio & Positive Media ...

"The Internet is going to be the medium of choice for most people. Eventually everything is going to be Internet-based."

"Negative Media bombards us every day. Subtly infiltrating our minds with sensationalism, controversy and negative thought which subconsciously influences our daily lives."


"Positive Media makes you feel good and has a positive effect on your body, mind and spirit. It's not a 'PollyAnna' mentality it's just reframing the facts towards the positive. For example, you can say there is 10% chance of rain or a 90% chance of sunshine. Same facts - just reframed."

"Our perceptions are formed by what we experience and we act on our perceptions. It just makes sense to create positive perceptions and we can do this with positive media."

On Internet Radio Advertising ...

"Radio IS the best branding media and with Internet radio you get two media channels not just one - radio and the Internet."

"Radio is a 'top of mind' experience that stays with you and you subconsciously will look for that product by name when you need it."

"Radio advertising is all about frequency and reach. It's not about how many people you reach. It's about how many times you reach the same person."

"Radio Advertising is not about beating the competition. It is not about winning. It is not about money. Radio advertising is really a mutual relationship, where deep and lasting partnerships are formed, by mutual communication and is based upon meeting each others needs which includes: the radio station, the advertiser and the consumer."

"A promotional plan should never be cast in stone. The plan needs to be flexible and have the ability to be changed based on audience participation, feedback and traffic patterns. Having the ability to quickly modify or update the promotional plan is very important."

On Podcasting ...

"A Podcast audience is based on the marketing and promotion efforts of the host whereas a niche market radio network has larger cross-promotion opportunities within the branding of its station and its host base."

"Not all people in podcasting have the voices, training or the art of being a radio host, which is needed to keep, maintain and grow a loyal audience."

"Although show content is important to podcasting, good quality sound is even more important to create the listening experience."

On Weight Loss ...

"On a conscious level we may not even know why we gain weight. There are unique reasons for each person. Some are conscious, some are sub-conscious but they are there."

"By releasing negative emotional ties to eating you can lose weight. 'You are what you think' is just as important as 'You are what you eat'."

"Many times our bodies crave certain foods, even though they are not good for us. This is because we are missing the right foods, vitamins and nutrients that our body needs. Plus exercise keeps all of our body's internal and external systems in good working order."

"A major culprit to weight gain, Stress affects how we look, think and feel and there are four types of stress involved in weight gain - Emotional, Nutritional, Physical and Environmental."

On Managing Stress & Change ...

"One of Life's greatest gifts is change. It is always constant. Just when you think things are all right something changes. During these times it helps to remember that change is cyclical - what goes up, must come down and then goes up again. Learn your lessons, take action and you can have an effect on the energy of change and get through the 'down' times faster."

"The power of breathing deeply and focusing on the breath activates the vagus nerve of the body. When activated, this major quieting nerve helps to immediately lower blood pressure and the pulse, heart and respiratory rates. Also on an emotional level it helps to calm and center the person and aids in reducing panic, anxiety and stress."

"A picture is worth a thousand words." We have heard that saying before. This phrase is certainly true in the case of visualization. Visualization is a tool anyone can use to help foster healing. By providing positive pictures (creative imagery) and self-suggestion, visualization can change emotions that subsequently have a physical effect on the body."

On Natural Menopause ...

"Natural methods for menopause not only include help for the body, but for the mind as well. Treating the whole person can help make menopause a more positive experience on all levels."

"Shrouded in mystery menopause is often viewed as a negative experience when it is really a natural part of life. Obtaining knowledge of the menopausal process and the way it can manifest in the emotional and physical body helps alleviate this mystery and its misconceptions."

On Staying Positive ...

"There are no negatives. Negativity is only your spiritual growth waiting to be recognized."

"Ah, Positive Energy! Just like that elusive butterfly that flutters in and out of life to make it perfect. Only to flutter away before you can capture it. Well don't worry, butterflies are meant to be free and so are we. It is our God-given right to be happy, healthy and joyful. With perseverance and a little P.E.P. (Positive Energy Power) you can create and be anything you want."

"Integrity puts your power of thought into positive action. It actually affects and effects positive change for ourselves and everything connected on Earth and the Universe. The "ME" generation is over and the "WE" generation has begun"

"An integral component to the success of our current evolution of consciousness, it is timely and important to maintain integrity to actualize the concept that we are greater than ourselves and here for the greater good of all."

On Psychic Ability & Spirituality...

"We all have Psychic ability. It's time to understand!"

"Your path to learning how to use your psychic abilities is your own personal journey. There is no one way or one person that can teach you about your abilities - except YOU!"

"If you become clear on who you are, keep your positive connection to God and respect all things, then you can realize the joy, peace and freedom that is already there."

"In my experience, Divine Love is more than an attachment, affection or physical attraction to someone or something on the Earth plane. It is the essence of life and the core component of the Light."

"A powerful law of the Universe 'Like Attracts Like' has weight in helping us to manifest what we want, BUT it is not the 'Be all, End all'trick to creation. There are other universal laws and other energy fields that comprise creation too."

"Spiritual Timing orchestrates energy for the good of all. You may be coming from the right place, doing everything right, having the right thoughts and providing the right energy, but perhaps somewhere, some thing is not ready this is where Spiritual Timing comes into play."

"Spiritual respect is not earned in the sense of what you know or what you achieve on your life's journey. A God-given right held by all living things, spiritual respect is the awareness of seeing beyond human limitations and conditions to the positive life force in every living thing."

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