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Linda Mackenzie's New Documentary Short
"Many Faces of Psychic Ability" Pierces Veil of Confusion


Los Angeles, September 10, 2008--"Many Faces of Psychic Ability", the 1st documentary short film in the "Psychic Secrets Unveiled Series", is preparing for its first screening at the Society for Paranormal Research and Education (www.spre.org) in Fort Collins, Colorado Sept 19 at 7 p.m. Directed and produced by Denise Howard the film was written and narrated by Linda Mackenzie. Music is provided by Sound Healing authority Jonathan Goldman.

Unprecedented in scope, the film breaks new ground in deciphering and presenting historical data, and little known facts, along with personal experiences, on the more than 17 different and distinct types of psychic ability that exist in the world of paranormal phenomena. Since ancient times psychic ability was known and respected. Today confusing, and often untruthful ideas surround these abilities. "Many Faces of Psychic Ability" enlightens people to the idea that psychic ability is not a special gift, but an inherent natural talent that we all have. A talent that varies in intensity, type, level and experience per individual. This entertaining film purports that 'you are your own best psychic' and that it's time to understand this talent.

The nucleus of "Many Faces of Psychic Ability" is Linda Mackenzie's core philosophy which encompasses over 50 years of personal experience and 38 years of independent study on spirituality. A worldwide energy interpreter for political figures, corporations and celebrities, Linda keeps her client identities in strictest confidence. No longer in private practice she only provides free readings on her 12-year running radio show "Creative Health & Spirit", syndicated on 19 Internet stations, including Microsoft's Radio Tuner®, WiFi, PDAs and Smartphones and found at www.HealthyLife.Net.

"Many Faces of Psychic Ability" is expected to create a similar effect as 'What the Bleep Do I Know' and nationwide screenings are being arranged in 2009. The film will be part of Linda's 'Psychic Secrets Unveiled' exhibit debuting at the Paraplex in New Orleans slated to open early in January 2009.

Linda Mackenzie is a world-renown energy sensitive, multi-book author, radio host, lecturer, producer, Doctoral Clinical Hypnotherapist Candidate and Founder of the all positive talk radio network - www.HealthyLife.Net. This former datacom engineer and entrepreneur appeared worldwide on hundreds of radio shows, in several award-winning documentaries, and almost all network and cable TV stations, including Discovery, BBC and the History Channel. She resides close to the beach in Southern California. Her website is www.lindamackenzie.net.

Media Contact: Kelly (310)371-5444; kelly@healthylife.net

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