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Linda Mackenzie's "Psychic Secrets Unveiled" Exhibit
Debuts at Paranormal Museum in New Orleans

Manhattan Beach, CA, Jan 14, 2009...For the 1st time this comprehensive, interactive museum exhibit brings answers to the ancient wonder and modern day questions about psychic ability.

The PSYCHIC SECRETS UNVEILED exhibit opening January 24 in New Orleans at the PARAPLEX, a paranormal observatory, lab and museum, reveals the secrets of psychic ability gleaned from world renowned and respected psychic Linda Mackenzie's personal 50 year study and practice of metaphysics and the paranormal. "We all have Psychic Ability," purports Mackenzie, "It's time to understand." The exhibit is a pet project for Mackenzie who values giving information in truth and integrity - and this exhibit is no exception.

Museum visitors can marvel at the exhibit's simple presentation of complex information which pierces the myths and misinformation about psychics in the world today. As visitors walk through the path of psychic energy, they will see, hear, touch and learn where psychic ability comes from, examine the seventeen distinct and separate kinds of psychic ability and get tips on how to select a true psychic. Displays of little known psychic protection tools that have spanned the ages and many cultures are also presented.

The exhibit culminates in a startling discovery as it answers the question about the biggest secret of all - Who is the most famous, trusted psychic in the world today? Get the answer by attending the PSYCHIC SECRETS UNVEILED exhibit at The PARAPLEX in New Orleans.

Linda Mackenzie has been psychic since the age of 8. At 21 she was busting false psychics in New York City. A worldwide psychic interpreter for political figures, corporations and celebrities Linda, no longer in private practice, only provides free readings on her 12-year running radio show "Creative Health & Spirit" found at www.HealthyLife.Net and syndicated on 22 Internet stations, including Microsoft's Radio Tuner®, WiFi, PDAs and Smartphones. The first women telecom engineer in any airline in the world, Linda owned several cutting-edge businesses, including the 1st used PC store in America in 1983, before becoming Founder and General Manager of HealthyLife.Net Radio Network. She has appeared on almost all major TV and cable networks and in several award-winning documentaries on the paranormal. www.lindmackenzie.net

The PARAPLEX, an actively haunted 3-story, 14,000 square foot mansion located at 4800 Canal Street in New Orleans is the world's first paranormal attraction and event center of its kind - a 24/7 Interactive Paranormal Observatory, Laboratory & Museum! Filled with interactive exhibits, paranormal art galleries, guided tours, special events and a screening room - the Paraplex is designed to excite all your six senses. www.paraplex.net

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