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Beyond Binary and Pronouns...
'Symbols of You' Helps Connect to Oneness

Globally known radio and TV expert in Psychic and bio-energetic healing,
Linda Mackenzie releases an all inclusive book 'Symbols of You.'

LOS ANGELES, CA, USA, January 18, 2023 /-- After spending decades helping thousands of people live positive more connected lives, globally known radio and TV expert in Psychic and bio-energetic healing, Linda Mackenzie (www.lindamackenzie.net1) releases an all inclusive book 'Symbols of You.
"Unbeknownst to most of us, the symbols that are always around us can help us discover ourselves in new, positive ways that foster connection to each other rather than divide us by false polarity or ego." says Mackenzie. "It's time to remember that although everyone is unique we are also part of the collective consciousness that helps propel the world."

This vast unseen world of collective consciousness, accessible to all of us, can provide insight into the past, present and future. Since the beginning of time mankind has interacted with symbols to interpret this unseen world and with Linda's one-of-a-kind book now you can too.

Linda combines knowledge of Ancient Wisdom and modern day teachings to provide the reader a personal journey through hundreds of symbols on 42 topics. When exploring these symbols, from Acupressure to Western Elements, the reader's connection to consciousness becomes 'up close and personal.' The book has fun discovery exercises and easy-to-read charts that are designed to help people identify their own symbols and find a deeper meaning of themselves, their family and friends. Fill-in charts are available in the book to amass all the reader's symbols in one place.

"Never has it been more imperative not to buy into fear and advance positive thought for the greater good of all. Working with symbols expands our belief system, helps us become more mindful and increases intuition." says Mackenzie. "This can lead to making more positive, informed life choices which automatically helps the collective consciousness."

Filled with timeless facts "Symbols Of You' is also a reference book that can be used over and over again throughout the reader's lifetime. In addition, people who buy the book at Amazon, Barnes and Noble and fine bookstores everywhere will also be supporting the natural health and positive talk programs at HealthyLife.net All Positive Talk Radio since 50% of 'Symbols Of You' proceeds will be donated to support the network during this 'recession that's not a recession' time.

About Linda Mackenzie: Lindae was the 1st woman telecom engineer in the airlines, started one of the 1st used PC stores in America, was President of a Dietary Supplement Company and is Founder of HealthyLife.net Radio Network and HRNradio.com. She is one of the world's most respected God-based psychics, an award winning multi-book author, radio host, lecturer and audio/film producer who has appeared worldwide on 100s of radio shows, almost all TV/cable networks and several documentaries.

Media Contact: Kelly Despal 310-371-5444

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