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Linda's Predictions for MARCH - APRIL
(which may mean absolutely nothing)

Things are about to get busier than a hive of bees out on a flower hunt. Opportunities over the next two months are coming front and center - so be aware of the them and when they arise use your gut feel, not your mind, to sense if it is right to do and then jump on in the synchronicity of the moment. If you delay in action it will be another two months before the opportunities come back to present themselves to you again. We are talking opportunities in business, love, career, health, and spiritual advancement. We are in an ebb and flow mode that is undulating over and under two month periods. So plan accordingly and if you missed the opportunity the first time prepare for it the second. This mode of the universal consciousness, combined with the electromagnetic pull overtaking the electrical will be in these two month periods until the end of the year.

The next two years are all about playing your opportunities -- but in a knowing and trustful way. If you have been working in the Light all your goals, wants and needs can be met over these next two years and this year is the creative pull that will set you up for the treasures of fruition if you do the work and are coming from the right place and most importantly letting go of past perceptions that were negative or harmful to your core being. Shedding these negative skins will be a welcome opportunity for lightness, peace, serenity and abundance coming to you on all levels. If you feel know and trust you cannot do anything 'wrong' during this period so go for what you think is right. Manifestation is just around the corner.

Don't get distracted by the negative news, political situations and the impending doom they are just spouting rhetoric to seed fear -- because fear sells. Don't buy into it. Their Fear --that has NO basis. You cannot trust most things on the Internet being that AI, another web based money scam, cannot be trusted and in most cases proves to be 75% incorrect. Step back and away from all their nonsense - it will not touch you -- because it is made up to move you in specific directions. Use your brains - your smarter than to believe all that.. I'll let you in on a little secret most people ARE smarter and feel the same way - so don't be divided or get caught up in opposites - let them live their lives and you live yours -- it is no worth the angst because it's all make believe.

Better to focus on positive emotions like kindness, gratitude and most of all love. Love is the strongest weapon of all. Lack of engagement and stating peaceful in your own skin and not reacting to negative rhetoric or people around you that are negative, is your best action during these times. Focus on how we are all the same -- NOT the differences. Don't buy into the differences because at a soul level we are basically the same only how much enlightenment you have in your soul id the difference. The more enlightened you become the less attachment and more compassion you have - especially for the ones that are caught up in the big Negative Nonsense Wheel they are spinning.

Fear is based on the fear of loss or death...So wake up...we come into this earth with nothing (except love) and we leave this earth with nothing (except love) -- so there is NOTHING TO LOSE. As far as death I have been to the other side this earthly experience is not the end -- it actually is just the beginning of a new cycle. So fear has no basis - no matter what. So stop living in fear - the more fear you have the more unattainable are your goals no matter what they are.

Okay to the mundane stuff - Housing prices will continue to come down, over the next five years the housing market will right itself making rents and housing once again affordable. People have enough stuff and so this push to sell you more (which seems they only thing they want to do these days) will right itself as well -- since quality will become tantamount to quantity. People are looking to belong -- and so reach out and you will find more and more people opting for time away from the computers and more human contact and more human experience. So if you want to add , change or delete a love interest now is the time to consider doing it -- because that opportunity is opening up over the next two years. Stock markets are fictitious money and unreality so if you have money you can afford to lose then you can try investing -- however most of the big markets are not in alignment with enlightenment -- so be careful who you fuel your funds to since like attracts like.

The push for electric cars is probably going to subside somewhat unless they find an alternative fuel source since they have come to the realization that we don't have enough electricity to keep everything working -- despite what they are saying remember it's all about profit not people.

Big REALIZATION FOR YOU ---YOU ALWAYS GET WHAT YOU NEED. Rest assured there is a Higher Power that is working for your greatest good -- and so is Nature too. Trust in that - not the outside world. Stay peaceful, aware and get happy -- you're going to get a plethora of opportunities to make your dreams come true. Believe it. It's happening. But you WILL have to take action to get it.

-- Until next time...

Much Love & Light - Linda

Remember you are your own best psychic.
Trust your gut feel


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