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Executive Producers: Creative Health & Spirit with Soul Search.tv
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Linda Mackenzie (think Yoda,June Cleaver and a Mafia boss) hosts this uplifting, entertaining, positive talk show. Think Laughter, Lightness and Information. Linda delves into celebrity/visionary lives, tells true 'believe it or not' psychic stories, does bio-energetic healing and gives random audience God-based psychic readings.

(dates and guests may be subject too change)

Venue/ City
Air Date
July 21, 2024
11am - 2pm

HT Grill Napa Room
Redondo Beach, CA 90277
Includes 'Meet & Greet'

Sally Kirkland and surprise guests from the movie "Sallywood' Aug 10, 2024
Sept 28, 2024

Location Pending

Pending Oct 5, 2024
Nov 10, 2024

Location Pending

Pending Dec 7, 2024
More Coming..

There are limited Audience Seats so Act Now.



Linda Mackenzie, C.ht.. Ph.D. (c)

Linda Mackenzie is an award-winning author, radio host, renowned God-based psychic and President of Creative Health & Spirit, a publishing and media company which owns HealthyLife.Net Radio Network andHRNradio.com. This former data engineer and entrepreneur, has appeared worldwide on hundreds of radio shows, almost all network and cable TV stations including Discovery Channel, History Channel, ABC, BBC, NBC and in several award-winning documentaries. She is committed to the evolution of positive human consciousness.

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