Total Mind-Body-Spirit Weight Loss
The Easy Natural Alternative to Weight Loss Drugs

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Total Mind-Body-Spirit Weight Loss
A Self-Discovery Reference Guide

Linda Mackenzie
ISBN:979-89867179-2-0 Trade Paper
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6" X 9"; 102 pages
Imprint: Creative Health & Spirit
Self-Help/Health & Fitness
Release Date: January 8, 2024

Linda Mackenzie

Natural, Safe Alternative to Weight Loss Drugs:
Total Mind-Body-Spirit Weight Loss Book

Weight Loss drugs - they're in the news with many more on the horizon. They're expensive, only effective as long as you take them and can have debilitating side effects like stomach paralysis, colon blockages and even thyroid cancer. Now Linda Mackenzie has released a new book, 'Total Mind-Body-Spirit Weight Loss' to give people a cost effective, long term successful alternative that addresses and helps eliminate the cause of weight gain without drugs and their negative side effects.

A totally organic and unique approach the book tackles the four types of stress that actually cause weight gain. Readers will discover their hidden reasons why they gain and retain weight. They'll be able to alter their emotional ties to eating, change eating habits and effortlessly become motivated to exercise. Using the concept of transforming your mind to change your body, this all-natural drug free program is the reader's missing link to help actualize your perfect weight with or without less than 30 minutes a day! There's even a bonus section that includes the 'LindaMac' diet to help readers lose weight even faster while boosting your immune system towards optimal health. The book also comes with handy conversion charts to convert almost any recipe into a tasty and healthy gluten-casein-sugar free alternative.

Compiled from years of research, plus numerous lectures, classes and actual testing - the book is available in paperback, EBook, audiobook and CD online and wherever fine books are sold.

Linda Mackenzie, a multi-book author, radio host, world renowned psychic, bio-energetic healer and hypnotherapist founded Radio in 2002 which reaches millions of worldwide listeners a month. She has appeared on hundreds of radio shows, almost all network/cable TV channels and in several award winning documentaries.


  • Discover the hidden reasons of your weight gain
  • Make a total commitment to weight loss
  • Easily alter your emotional ties to eating
  • Learn to change your eating habits effortlessly
  • Get naturally motivated to exercise


  • Find out the keys to weight loss
  • Get results in less than 30 minutes a day
  • 10 unique visualizations to reduce stress and think thin
  • Easy to use alone or with other weight loss methods
  • 'LindaMac Diet' Bonus Section for faster weight loss





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Book Praise

As a surgeon helping cancer patients recover from so-called incurable diseases I learned the key to helping people heal are the changes they make in their lifestyles, beliefs and self-esteem. The mind is a powerful tool and when it becomes the positive coach for your body amazing results can occur. Linda and I speak the truth because we care not about the best pill to take but how to live your healthiest and longest life. So get Linda's book and use it as your guide book. - BernieSiegel, MD author Love, Medicine & Miracles

In Linda Mackenzie's new book, Total Mind-Body-Spirit Weight Loss, we are given a holistic approach, that not only is effective, but also creative and custom designed for each person. Filled with amazing visualizations, tips, and insights, this book is a MUST READ for anyone who struggles with their weight. - Sharkie Zartman author of Have Fun Getting Fit and Shark Sense

In her book Total Mind-Body-Spirit Weight Loss, Linda has captured the essence of success in dealing with weight management. Her approach harnesses the power of the mind to transcend faulty behaviors through visualization of positive ones, including making the right choices for food intake. This is a must read for anyone ready for a transformative approach in their weight loss journey. - Dr. Jane Greer, author of Am I Lying To Myself? and How To Overcome Denial and See the Truth

The Total Mind-Body-Spirit Weight Loss Program beautifully illustrates the power that we each have within us to improve our physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health. For people who desire to right-size their bodies, this book provides a step-by-step guide to achieving their goal using their ample inner resources.          - Ran D. Anbar, MD, Author of: Changing Children's Lives with HypnosisCenter

Linda Mackenzie's Total Mind-Body-Spirit Weight Loss is a tour-de-force in how to recreate your thoughts, emotions and behavior to control your weight and master your health. She combines mind, body, spirit, nutrition, visualizations and a realm of powerful methods to guide the reader through her program. If you wish to control your weight, or master how your thoughts, feelings and behavior help manifest your life, this book needs to be your handy reference. No home…or kitchen…should be without it. - Dr. Ron Dalrymple Author, Mind Games People Play


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