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Natural Tips for Surgery - The Spirit
By Linda Mackenzie, Ph.D. (c)

I believe that anything can be accomplished, for your greatest good, if you have absolute and total faith. So it is important to believe and have faith that things will turn out exactly right for you. There has never been a negative time in your life that hasn't turned into a positive for you. This is because negative experiences are growth lessons. Once you learn the lesson you never have to go through that experience in the exact same way again. This surgery may be a major change in your life, so welcome change as a friend. Look at this time as an opportunity to grow spiritually in a positive way. Here are some hints:


  •  DO Remember to Develop your Spiritual Side
    - Develop a deep, abiding unshakeable faith
    - Feel, Trust and Know that things are all right in every moment
    - Remember that there are no mistakes only opportunities for growth
    - Balance your mind, body and spirit
    - Use gratitude for what you already have
    - Discover the wonder of all things in every moment
    - Forgive yourself and others every day
    - Replace negative emotions like doubt, fear, etc. with hope
    - Call on God's Divine Love to fill your soul and give you peace
  •  DO Remember to Use Spiritual Action
    - Start a daily spiritual practice of prayer or meditation
    - Draw some sacred artwork giving away your fears/concerns to God
    - Write all your negative emotions on white paper, then burn the paper releasing everything to God
    - Create a sacred meditation/prayer place. Put crystals, photographs and sacred objects in this place and then pray or meditate daily
    - Ask your relatives and friends on the other side to support you
    - Listen to spiritual or healing sound music
    - Call on your angels to help you
  •  DO Remember to Use Spiritual Protection
    - Protect & cleanse your aura (the electromagnetic field around your body)
    1. do a visualization of white light surrounding your entire body
    2. use an aromatherapy oil: cedar, carnation, eucalyptus, gardenia
    3. carry or wear a crystal: amethyst, aquamarine, jasper, lapis lazuli, quarts, pyrite
    4. Meditate saying the Mantra OHM
    5. Walk in nature
    6. Hug a tree (trees strengthen auras)
    7. Ask your Guardian Angel for assistance

    - Protect, cleanse & balance your chakras (the esoteric electrical energy centers within the body)
    1. balance the chakras by meditating
    2. anoint your chakras with rose, lemon, sage, bergamot aromatherapy oils
    3. place a specific crystal on a specific chakra area:
    Chakra Crystals*
    1st Root hematite, red jasper, black onyx, ruby
    2nd Navel citrine, carnelian, chrysocolla, lapis lazuli
    3rd Solar Plexus amethyst, citrine, tigers eye
    4th Heart rose quartz, aventurine, malachite
    5th Throat sodalite, blue topaz, sapphire, lapis lazuli
    6th 3rd Eye iolite, tigers eye, quartz
    7th Crown amethyst, rose quartz, clear quartz
    *Please note that this is only a partial list of possible crystals.

    - Use shape and symbol protection:
    Symbol/Shape Meaning
    Square Renewal
    Circle Wholeness
    Cross Protection, Balance
    Octagon Renewal

    - Use crystals for protection like:
    amber, angelite, aventurine, moonstone, white quartz, lapis lazuli, pyrite, obsidian
    - Use color energy by wearing, viewing or visualizing specific colors:
    Color Meaning
    White Protection
    Gold Spiritual Strength
    Silver Spiritual Vitality
    Blue Spiritual Tranquility
    Green Body Healing
    Yellow Clarity
    Red Love

    - Use vowel protection sounds:
    Think Color Say Vowel Result
    Violet A State of Calm, Peace
    Yellow E Self-Confidence
    Orange I Laughter, Humor, Gaiety
    Red O Perfection
    Blue U Completeness
    Grey OO Healing

    - Use a protection prayer, for example:
    "I am completely protected only God and my Higher Self can influence me. The Light and the Positive Consciousness of the Universe protects me."

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© 2017 Linda A. Mackenzie