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Coping with Spiritual Timing
by Linda Mackenzie, C.H.T., Ph.D.(c)

Do you have a goal that is not being actualized? Do you feel Blocked or Frustrated? Do you feel in your heart that you are doing things right, yet there still doesn't seem to be any movement towards getting your goal. Spiritual Timing may be the answer. To determine if Spiritual Timing may be the cause of your delay take this 2-part test.

Instructions: Think about each question and how it relates to your goal. Be honest with yourself when you answer each question and if you are not sure of what answer to select check off YES.


YES      NO
              Are you trying to control the situation?
              Do you worry about what people will think?
              Could you be confusing happiness with fulfillment of desire?
              Are you insisting that your way is the only right way?
              Could you be rationalizing your situation to maintain your own independence?
              Are you living in the past or future and not in the moment?
              Are you trying to stop change?
              Are you setting up too rigid goals or ways to manifest your goal?
              Are you setting up expectations for outcomes?
              Are you trying too much or too hard to fulfill your desires?
              Are you using the ego to set up significance, projections, feelings or attitudes                           towards the accomplishment of your goal?
              Are you set in your mind on how your goal gets accomplished?

If you answered YES, to some or all of these questions, it may be your own personal growth that is stopping you from actualizing your goal. To eliminate these obstacles you must work on eliminating any negative thought patterns that may be getting in your way. Sometimes you may not even be consciously aware of your negative thought patterns, but they still could be affecting your goals and your life. Try taking our Find Your Hidden Negativity Test to find out where your negative thought patterns are and try to overcome them to help you reach your goals.

If you answered NO to ALL these questions go to Part 2


If you answered NO to all the questions in Part One of this test, the next step is to find out if you are in a place that I call the "Creative Void."

A "Creative Void" is a time in your life where you are shifting, adapting and getting ready for a major change. It is a spiritual growth time where, although similar to spiritual timing, there is little or no movement. You may or may not know what your next step towards your goal is or you might not even know the goal! You feel and know a shift is about to occur and things around you don't feel exactly right - but nothing seems to be happening. To determine if you are in the Creative Void time here are some of the questions to ask yourself.

            Are you holding on to ideas, methods or things that inhibit your spiritual growth?
            Do you need to get rid of attachment to people, places or things?
            Do you need to find the missing balance in your life by including time for:                                                      Spirituality? Self? Family? Significant Others? Community? Career?
            Are you letting go and forgiving negative emotional situations?
            Do you have to eliminate the sources of fear in your life?
            Do you need to make and accept changes in your mind, body or spirit?
            Are you allowing the process of change to flow?
            Do you have a need to find your purpose or service in life?

If you answered YES to any or all of these questions, you must honor this time of spiritual growth. The Creative Void may be a time for information gathering, reflection, sitting still or eliminating things that are no longer necessary in your life. It is the time of spiritual growth and advancement towards balance in your life. Consider these things as opportunities for your spiritual growth and work on them one-by-one. Always remember that the Creative Void is a time to resolve issues and allow balance to come into your life. It is the time to throw away the old and invite in the new. As issues and balance are resolved in your life, action will manifest and movement towards your goal will follow.

If you answered NO to all these questions, it may be that Spiritual Timing is at work.

Spiritual Timing

Spiritual Timing is what I call God's Timing. It is a time when everything is in synchronicity. The right time, the right place and the right action all manifest when it is exactly right for everyone and every thing on the planet and in the universe.

Everything is comprised of energy and we are all one and energetically connected. Therefore, every thought or action affects not only us, but everyone on the planet and in the universe as well. Negative thoughts produce negative energy just as positive thought produces positive energy.

All energy is governed by Universal Laws which are based in Universal Truths (e.g., the power of love). These Universal Truths are not perceptions and have their own energy. Our perception, which is another energy, is just that -Our Perception. Every thing and everyone's perception is different from each other and is dependent upon their own journey down their unique life's path.

When you think about the magnitude of all this perceptive energy it can be overwhelming. Think of the energy of a flower growing, an ant busily living its life, the earth's energy or the individualized perceptive energy of the millions of people on earth. Each and every thing with its own energy!

Spiritual Timing orchestrates this energy for the good of all. Not just for the individual but for everything, everywhere. You may be coming from the right place, doing everything right, having the right thoughts and providing the right energy, but perhaps somewhere, some thing is not ready for what you are to manifest. Synchronicity with the whole is missing, so that's where Spiritual Timing comes into play.

When Spiritual Timing is the cause of lack of movement towards your goal, patience and acceptance can help you cope with the delay. There are NO mistakes and there is a reason why everything happens or does not happen. Remember that we are comprised of body, mind and spirit and some or all of these areas can be addressed to help you stay peaceful and balanced until the Spiritual Timing IS right. However you choose to cope with Spiritual Timing is exactly right for you. Here are some hints that I use when I get into Spiritual Timing.

REDUCE YOUR PHYSICAL STRESS by taking care of your body...
      Eat a proper diet
      Take the correct dietary supplements and herbs
      Get enough rest and sleep
REDUCE YOUR MENTAL STRESS by quieting your mind...
      Accept that things are exactly right and stay positive
      Remind yourself that there are no mistakes
      Accept that things will manifest when and how they are supposed to
      Let Go and "Just Be" without expectation
      Meditate and Pray
REDUCE YOUR EMOTIONAL STRESS by releasing attachment...
      Maintain an attitude of love, joy and happiness
      Forgive Yourself
      Know you will always be provided for and everything's all right
      Practice patience
      Gain comfort knowing that things are happening for the good of all
REDUCE YOUR SPIRITUAL STRESS by cleansing yourself of negativity...
      Feel and connect to the Oneness and Universal Love
      Trust your inner guidance always.
      Know that everything is exactly right and the solution is already being taken care of

Following these hints doesn't mean that Spiritual Timing will work any faster. After all, time is
man-made and not a prerequisite to the master plan. What WILL happen is that you will feel part of the whole, gain understanding, attain peace in this waiting time and be able to assist your goal with even more positive energy.

© 2017 Linda A. Mackenzie