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Developing Psychic Ability
by Linda Mackenzie, C.H.T., Ph.D.(c)

A true psychic goes through years of training and initiation, which develops spiritual, moral, ethical values and responsibilities. This is not a formalized educational process that someone can teach you, but an individualized growth process that is different for every individual. This period of development is on going throughout the lifetime of the individual.

In this development process a true psychic learns:

Ability must be used for service to others, for the highest good of all.
Ability is never used for personal gain, personal power, personal knowledge or ego.
To develop a deep, abiding, unshakable spiritual faith.
To separate human experience and emotions from psychic and spiritual experience.
How to discern and discriminate real psychic ability from illusion.
Use personal evaluation to validate the truth of their abilities.
To have complete faith and trust in their growth process.
To develop trust in their abilities.
Slowly controls their development process to create a better understanding of their abilities.
Studies the basis and background of psychic ability.
That development of psychic ability is a personal journey.
To balance psychic energy and psychic power.
Importance of staying grounded, focused and centered.
To find the positive in all situations.
To develop responsibility for their actions.
To control and eliminate, any and all, negative emotions (e.g., fear, anxiety)
The proper knowledge on how, what, where and when to use their abilities.
To respect and use energy in all it's applicable forms.
Who they are.
To let go of fear, ego, expectations, significance of outcomes, rigid goals, negative attitudes and negative feelings.
To welcome change as a friend and opportunity.
That there are no mistakes, just opportunity for growth.
To "live in the moment"and not the past or future.
To use the power of intention and positive thought.
To balance and take care of their mind, body and spirit.
To practice relaxation for rejuvenation.
To honor and maintain a fit and healthy body.
To reduce/eliminate the four levels of stress (physical, emotional, nutritional, environmental) that affect how they look, think and feel.
To give up the need for materialism, power, always having to be right, rationalization, and the ìI ..can't, won't, shouldn't, couldn't, and wouldn'ts
To use fear as a message to point the way to growth to their next step in development.
To balance giving and receiving.
To be able to give advice, predictions, or information in truth and integrity, without bias, to self-empower that person in their own path to self-discovery.
To not intrude on someone's free will.
To perceive how your information will be received by others.
To inspire and give hope to others.
Learn confidentiality.
To educate and share knowledge.
To develop spiritual, moral and ethical values.
To be self-reliant.
To be kind.
To be happy and joyful.
Their human life purpose.
Their spiritual purpose.
To understand we are part of all that exists and that we have an impact on that existence through every thought, deed, or action.
To understand everyone and everything in life has value.
To benefit mankind and the world.
To practice in love, faith, trust, hope and charity.

There are no secrets or shortcuts to true psychic ability. There is a tremendous amount of responsibility that needs to be used with love, knowledge and respect.


© 2017 Linda A. Mackenzie