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Psychic Code Of Ethics
by Linda Mackenzie, C.H.T., Ph.D.(c),
Clairsentient, Clairaudient, Clairvoyant, Psychometrist, Medium

I am a God-Based Psychic. What does that mean? I saw God when I was eight years old and my psychic abilities began the next day. After studying & testing my abilities (and being studied for my abilities) for over 40 years, I have developed a psychic code of ethics that I follow and here it is...

Linda Mackenzie's Psychic Code of Ethics

I will always use my abilities wisely for the greatest good of all. I accept that every one and everything has value. I understand that we are part of everything that exists and that we have an impact on that existence through every thought, deed and action. I will practice my abilities at all times with ethical and moral values.

Furthermore, I will not use my ability for ego, personal gain or personal power. I will get and give information in truth and integrity. I will use the power of positive intention and positive thought and strive to find the positive in all situations.

I will continue to learn how, when and where to use my abilities properly for the rest of my life. I will honor my feelings. I will not take any one at face value and honor myself if I feel uncomfortable. I will discover truth from false feelings, beliefs, actions, words and deeds. I will not fear. I will ask questions and not accept things blindly. I will not do things that will hurt my mind, body or spirit but will take care of them so I am strong in all ways. I will learn to balance giving and receiving. I will keep my own life in order and always protect myself.

I will give up the need to control and always having to be right and will not use my powers to change things, or do harm to any one or anything. I will eliminate negative thought, words and emotions. I will never use my psychic abilities for revenge.

When I deal with others I will attune positively to a person or situation and strive to inspire them. I will not judge a person or situation, for it is not my right to judge. I will always stay in the positive and avoid the negative so that I may provide hope. I understand that there are no mistakes only growth opportunities. I will not make decisions for someone else nor intrude on their free will to do what they feel is right for them. I will keep everyone's information confidential. I will always strive to be caring, loving, kind, happy and joyful.

I will use my powers to find new opportunities and beneficial options and not delve or dwell in the negative aspects. I strive always to develop and increase a deep unshakable faith. I will separate human experience from spiritual experiences. I take responsibility for my actions.

I will use my powers to gain greater insight and objectivity; to understand and relate to others in a positive way; for growth and awareness for my own greater good and the greater good of all. I will practice and always use my abilities in love, faith, hope and charity. I vow to use my power to service and benefit mankind and the world.

© 2017 Linda A. Mackenzie