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Find Your Hidden Negativity Test
by Linda Mackenzie, C.H.T., Ph.D. (c)

Each of us have hidden negative energy that stops us from being who we are meant to be. Learning to identify your areas of hidden negativity can help you release and lead you to discover your path to a healthier, happier life filled with purpose. Where is your Hidden Negativity? Check off all that apply below and then look below for your Hidden Negativity Results profile. Hint: If you have trouble answering a question remember to take the first answer that comes into your mind.

Never       Sometimes     All the Time

                     1.    I like things to stay the same. I don't like change. 

                     2.    If someone tries to do something I take over because I can do it better.

                     3.    I have to think things through before I do them.

                     4.    I have to have a reasonable reason to do something.

                     5.    I use words like can't, won't, couldn't, wouldn't a lot.

                     6.    I often think I can't do something and have negative thoughts.

                     7.    I often feel sad, mad, angry, jealous, envious or sad.

                     8.    It takes me a long time to make a decision.

                     9.    I don't follow through with what I say.

                   10.   I always fret and judge things in the present by my past experiences.

                   11.   I try not to look back but I worry or am afraid of the future.

                   12.   I always have to be right in what I think, say and do.

                   13.   I judge other people or situations to see if they fit my standards.

                   14.   I only trust myself because I'm almost right all of the time.

                   15.   I doubt people and don't believe what they say.

                   16.   I don't fully trust myself or other people.

                   17.   I want and expect things to happen exactly as I plan them.

                   18.   If I don't fulfill my desires and get what I want I am not happy.

                   19.   I place a high priority and lots of energy towards getting what I want.

                   20.   When I make a plan, I follow each step exactly.


Never = You have conquered this negativity. GOOD JOB!
Sometimes = You are on your way to conquering this negativity but you have a little more work to do.
Always = You have to start acknowledging and eliminating this negativity to be more positive.

Here is the hidden negativity that each question represents.


FEAR OF CHANGE Fear of Change stagnates life's movement and creates negative energy, negative conditions, negative behavior and negative actions. Remeber change is always good and a valuable growth experience. By accepting change as a friend you will spend less time in crisis, have time to develop more choices and use your time more positively.


NEED TO CONTROL Trying to control makes your goals rigid and actually inhibits what you want. It creates negative energy and a paradox or contradiction in the brain that stops you from actualizing what your goals. Let go of control, trust that what you want will happen. This allows things to happen, promotes positive energy and helps you live in the moment.


NEED TO RATIONALIZE Rationalization is when your heart and head can't come together and where you falsely assemble an explanation or attribute your own thoughts, feelings and actions to others which conform to your own perspective. Every one is different so this doesn't apply. Let go, trust intuition and live in the moment.


NEED TO BE LOGICAL This comes from a mental state based on things you know. It limits possibilities and comes from your own perspective which usually creates a false belief of safety. Let go go of expectation and being vested in the outcome. Look at the broader picture to see the good for all and learn to balance logic with intuition and your gut feel.


NEGATIVE WORDS Negative words produce negative energy and perpetrates negative thought which stops you from actualizing your goals. Negative energy has the power to keep you in the negative. Try to always use positive words.


NEGATIVE THOUGHTS Negative thoughts helps program your brain to keep you in negativity. This helps to stagnate life and stops actualization of your goals. Try to have positive thought to keep positive energy around you.


NEGATIVE FEELINGS Negative feelings have the power to keep you negative and stops the positive energy vibrations. Try to think, act and feel positive. Let go of significance, expectation and attitudes. Learn forgiveness for yourself and others. Look at things half full instead of half empty. Acknowledge your negative feelings and then let them go and be grateful and joyful.


INDECISION No decision is still a decision. Indecision delays the benefits of change, erodes self-trust and self-confidence. Remeber there are no mistakes or wrong decisions- just growth experiences. If you don't get the results you want there's more to learn. Just trust that what is meant to happen will happen at the right time for you.


LACK OF RESPONSIBILITY Setting expectations, adhering to false social beliefs, worrying about what other people think, using the words "I should" or having a disdain for what other people think can set you up for a lot of negative energy. Not taking responsibility creates negative energy, delays life experiences, growth opportunities and takes away your personal power. Don't delay action and change will move by faster. Use your intuition, accept the outcome of your actions and move through it positively as you maintain hope and trust.


ATTACHMENT TO PAST Fretting about the past stops positive thought, stops your focus on what you want and perpetrates disillusionment. you from living in the moment. The past is gone. It's over. Try to Live in the Moment.


ATTACHMENT TO FUTURE Worrying about the future is a needless negative energy. There are so many variables you can't really predict the future. Worry delays action, stops goals and positive opportunities. Try to Live in the Moment. and work towards your goals every day. Focus on the Intention of getting what you want in the fututre. That'susing positive energy.


EGO Coming from ego setsup a false sense of value and is usually based on low self-esteem. It setsthe stage for control, too much rationalization, being too logical and a plethora ofother negative energy thoughts, feelings and action. It stops openness, communication and stagmates life. Realize that we are all one, yet unique. Remember everyone and every thing has value so...LET GO OF EGO.


JUDGEMENT Judgement comes from our perspective. We cannot know what is right or wrong for someone else. Each person follows their own unique life path. Judging someone perpetrates negative energy, falsifies a sense of safety and feeds your ego. Much better to use discernment to decide what is right or wrong for you. Develop compassion. realize we are all one, give up judgement and feel, trust and know yourself.


EXPECTATION When you set up rigid expectations the brain creates a paradox where you do not manifest your expectations. By being rigid you may miss opportunities that present themselves to you. Set up a plan for your goals, keep them loose and then let go. Feel, trust and know that you will reach your goals and you will.


MY WAY IS THE ONLY RIGHT WAY The insistence of being right all the time shows a very small view of the world. It is usually based on anger or blame. It creates a false sense of safety and independence, but stops communication, awareness of new changes and the ability to make choices. Be open to new viewpoints, expand your spiritual perspective, live in the moment, try better communications with others and try to get along with other people and appreciate their views.


DOUBT Having continual doubts is a negative energy pattern. Doubt delays life, growth and takes away your personal power. It usually comes from lack of self-trust or trusting others. You are probably setting up specific attitudes, outcomes or adhering to false social beliefs. Doubt grows negative thought and feelings. Believe in yourself and realize their are no mistakes. Whatever you want can be achieved so take action. Maintain hope, trust and use your intuition.


NOT LIVING IN THE MOMENT Living in the moment is really the only place you are or should be. Living anywhere else stops and limits your human experience on earth, your goals and your destiny. By living in the moment you are truly savoring life and you stop negative energy on all levels. You deal with the moment and this produces less stress in your life.


CONFUSING HAPPINESS AND DESIRE Wanting is natural in life but the idea that you can't be happy unless you have or satisfy a certain desire is not. For example, if you believe you can't be happy without having a million dollars it will place you in negative energy, keep you in negative thoughts, feelings and actions. Live in the Moment, trust, hope, maintain gratitude in your life feel and be joyful. You have the right to be happy anytime!


SETTING UP SIGNIFICANCE If you place significance or too much importance on your needs and wants it will create a contradiction in the brain and stop you from getting what you want. Let go and feel, know and trust that you will get what you need and want without effort!


RIGID GOALS If you place rigid goals on what you want this holds negative energyand stops you from getting what you want. You ill be so focused on your goals they may elude you. Feel, know and trust that everything is working to get you what you want and need for your highest giod and the highest good of all.

Remember: Positive ALWAYS Overcomes Negative!

© 2017 Linda A. Mackenzie