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Chakra Energy
by Linda Mackenzie, C.H.T., Ph.D.(c)

The Human Body exists on 3 levels:
Level 1: The Material (dhatus) Level
which includes the physical body, blood, fat, flesh, bone, clay, fluids, air, earth, water, fire and
void space (akasha)

Level 2: The Subtle Level
which consists of prana (vital life force energy), the mind, intellect, ego and the feeling of self.
(please note that prana connects the material and subtle level.)

Level 3: The Spirit Level
which connects to all animate and inanimate energy within the material and subtle levels AND
to all animate and inanimate energy outside the body including collective, earth and universal. The spiritual level also has access to Divine (God) energy.

Chakras & Auras: The Monitoring Systems
To protect an individual's mind-body-spirit on a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level there are 7 major chakras within the body (although some claim there are an additional 6 which reside outside the body starting over the Crown Chakra) and 7 auric (aura) levels that surround the body. Chakra energy is electrochemical and auric (aura) energy is electromagnetic.

The seven auric fields are the atmospheres arising from and surrounding the body. These fields are the interpreters and transmitters of consciousness energy. This consciousness energy resides in an individual's mind-body-spirit, as well as, in the external collective, earth, universal and Divine (God) energies in which the individual comes in contact with.

Chakra 101
The word chakra actually means "a wheel, disc or any arrangement in circular form or organization" and indicates movement. The major chakras are the esoteric energy centers of the body. Chakras
are the psychic transformation centers of the body, otherwise known as psychophysical energy.

Psychophysical (chakra) energy is electrochemical in nature and is accessed through Prana (vital life force) energy. Divine Energy (which I prefer to call God, but whatever you want to call it is fine with me) creates Prana and the life, mind and matter of every animate and inanimate object.
Divine Energy operates through, but is not limited to, Pranic energy. In the case of a human being, Divine Energy operates within, without and through all the energy levels which include: the individual mind-body-spirit energy level, animate and inanimate collective energy level, animate-etheric-collective earth energy level and animate-etheric-collective Universal energy level.

Prana energy operates in the body as an open system, which is not limited to the body's physical, mental or emotional systems. As we breathe, prana is drawn into the nose and is distributed into the body by specific unseen channels called Nadis.

There is the Main Nadi System which connects the 7 major chakras to each other and 72,000 other different Nadis. The 72,000 Nadis are divided into 2 different types of channels:
1) The Invisible Channels which is the channel of the mind and self.
2) The Visible Channel which includes the nerves, muscles, arteries, veins, cardiovascular system, lymphatic system and the acupuncture meridians in the body which work with the central, autonomic, sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems.

The chakras work with both visible and invisible energies. These chakras are situated throughout the body as mini whirling vortices of energy.

The 7 Major Chakras reside and work in the cerebrospinal (brain-spine) system inside the spinal column and are connected to the Main Nadi System (Shushumna). This is where the chakras control the functioning of the entire human body.

The Shushumna (Main Nadi System) is centrally located and is the only Nadi (channel) that passes through the spinal column. This Main Nadi System is divided into 3 Nadis of which one channel resides in the spinal column and two channels reside in the brain. The Shushumna usually remains dormant when other Nadis are active and subsequently flows when the other Nadis are restrained. This happens when we breathe in prana through both nostrils. We only breathe through both nostrils about ten breaths in every hour, at dawn and at dusk. The other times, when we breathe, we are usually breathing from only one nostril or the other, but not both at the same time.

Chakra Movement
Chakras are active at all times. They are influenced by the energy elements of water, fire, earth, air and void space (akasha). These energy elements produce different physical, emotional and psychic states. The elements move inside the body through the breath and produce chemical changes via the endocrine glands, which mix these secretions directly into the blood instantaneously.

Chakras and the 5 Senses
The first 5 major chakras, located in the spinal cord, are the building blocks of psychophysical existence for the five senses: feeling, taste, sound, smell, and touch. Chakras have a definite relationship to the physical body and its functions. Each of the first five major chakras are connected to a specific sense organ and stores psychophysical energy, which then flows to all 7 major chakras from one chakra to another when activated by the breath.

Kundalini Shakti Energy
Consciousness controls all the forces operating within each chakra. As you grow through awareness chakras become aligned more to our spiritual purpose and our oneness of all things. Kundalini Shakti Energy means "coiled power". It interacts with Universal Energy by using matter to access consciousness energy with the ultimate goal being to reach Divine (God) energy. With extended use and practice of Kundalini Shakti energy, it is said that you can pass through the three knots in the Shushumna that represent feeling, knowing and doing and ultimately reach Supreme Consciousness also known as Supreme Truth. Kundalini Shakti energy is the only energy that pierces the chakras and is the basic force of the body that can connect to Divine (God) Energy.

Chakras & Healing Stones
Since the beginning of civilization people have used gemstones energetically to help aid healing. Placing the appropriate gemstone on an appropriate chakra may help support and improve physical, emotional and spiritual symptoms of dis-ease and illness.

More Chakra Information...
To give you more information, I have pulled together the following chakra charts. The information was derived from many cultures, over many centuries and from personal experience. These days to correctly ascertain the truth about chakras (or any subject) one must get as close to the source of information as possible. Then interpret the truth of the information with their own intuitive ability and then verify their information source with at least three other reliable sources.


Sanskrit Name
Place Of:
Spiritual Qualities
"In Balance" Positive Qualities
"Out of Balance" Negative Qualities
1st Root Muladhara Perineum below genitals above anus, inside coccyx, base of spine, 3rd vertebrae Base, Foundation Intuitive
self-control, physical strength, patience, vitality, disciplined life, survival instincts illusion, anger,
delusion, cruelty,
greed, violence
2nd Sacral
spleen, navel, hypogastric plexus
Place of Self
Access to
key childhood experiences
procreation, family, creativity, sensuality, emotions,
memory assimilation

fantasy, envy, jealousy
anxiety, lies,

3rd Solar Plexus
solar plexus Personal
Psychic Feeling vision, form, color, ego, Karma, selfless service, intellect sorrow, fear,
shame, sadness,
treachery, delusion,
4th Heart Anahata
heart region,
cardiac plexus
Compassion Psychic Healing balance, hope, endeavor, growth, inner harmony

indecision, fraud,
possessive, egotist,

5th Throat Vishudda neck region, cartoid plexus Creativity Psychic Hearing knowledge, living without complexity, will, discipline,
spiritual doubt,
negative intellect
6th Third Eye Ajna point between the eyebrows, pineal plexus Intuition Psychic
self-realization ,
oneness, unity,
beyond time
vision, imagination
Soma Chakra above the 3rd Eye in center of forehead Consciousness
Filling Universal


7th Crown
very top of
the head
Truth, Reality Prophecy

positive intellect,
balance, bliss,
spirit awareness,
Universal access



Physical Buzz,
Red, White Earth Square Nose
Sacral (Navel)
Astral Ear Ringing, Running Water,
Orange, Blue,
Water Circle Tongue
Solar Plexus
Celestial Flute,
Golden Yellow
Fire Triangle Eyes
Balance singing bells,
seashell roar
Pink, Green Air Hexagram Skin
Human wind, ocean,
Blue, Turquoise Void Space
Crescent Ears
Third Eye
Austerity Ohm, mantra,
Indigo, Green Presence Circle with
2 petals
Truth Silence,
All Sound
White, Violet,
Pale Lavender



Center of:
1st Root Tactile physical energy, grounding, self-preservation
2nd Sacral Emotional emotional desire, emotion, creativity, spirituality, intention
3rd Solar Plexus Gut Feel personal power, ambition, intellect, astral force
4th Heart Unconditional Love compassion, love, group consciousness, spirituality
5th Throat Hearing, Speaking sound, communication, speech, writing, thought expression
6th 3rd Eye Sight, Vision psychic power, spirit energies, higher intuition, light
7th Crown Whole Concept enlightenment, dynamic thought, truth, oneness


Associted with this Physiological/
Endocrine System
Out of Balance
Physical Problems*
Chakra Balancing Crystals*
reproductive glands auto-immune disease,
arthritis, cancer, AIDS,
CFS, EBV, fatigue, kidney, spinal column
red jasper, hematite, black onyx, ruby
genito-urinary tract gall & kidney stones, reproductive organs, vaginal cancer, prostate cancer, pelvic disease citrine, carnelian, chrysocolla, lapis lazuli
3rd Solar Plexus digestive system/
adrenal glands
digestive/adrenal organ illness, diabetes, hypoglocemia, digestive disorders citrine, amethyst,
tigers eye, sodalite
circulatory system/
thymus gland
heart problems, thymus, blood, circulatory, involuntary muscles rose quartz, aventurine, malachite
respiratory system/
thyroid gland
neck problems, lungs, hypoactive thyroid, throat, jaw, alimentary canal, vocal cords sodalite, blue topaz, sapphire, flourite, lapis lazuli
3rd Eye
autonomic nervous system/ pituitary gland cerebellum, nose, pituitary, central nervous system, left eye iolite, tigers eye, quartz
central nervous system/ pineal gland cerebrum, pineal gland, right eye amethyst, rose quartz, clear quartz

*Please note that these are only a partial list of possible problems and gemstones.

© 2017 Linda A. Mackenzie