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Natural Methods: Breathing Problems & COPD
By Linda Mackenzie, Ph.D. (c)

Breathing difficulties can be caused by many different conditions. They can also develop as a result of stress and anxiety. Some of the conditions that can cause difficult breathing are pneumonia, asthma, COPD, Pulmonary embolism or hypertension, croup and some heart conditions. My mother had COPD and I comprised this list for her in lieu of taking steroid inhalers and pharmaceutical drugs with harmful side effects.

Here's some Natural Methods that may help Breathing Problems, including COPD.


Type Action Type Action
Chlorophyll clears breathing Kelp improves breathing & healing
Dimethglycine (DMG) increases endurance Calcium protects nerve endings

Essential Fatty Acids flaxseed/evening primrose oil

rebuilds and produces new cells Magnesium protects nerve endings

Grapeseed Extract Zinc

protects lungs Vitamin A repairs lung tissue
Coenzyme Q10 enhances oxygen in the lungs Vitamin C aids Healing of inflamed tissue
L-Cysteine repairs and protects lung tissue Vitamin E oxygen carrier and antioxidant
L-Methionine repairs and protects lung tissue L-glutathione repairs and protects lung tissue
Kyolic Garlic protects agaist pneumonia Zinc protects lung proteins



Herb Action
Muellin cleanse lungs, liqueify phlegm, relaxes bronchioles, aids swelling, relaxes spasms
Astragalus helps heal bronchial tubes, promotes better breathing and soothes the airways
Licorice Root Extact increases energy levels
Peppermint soothes your respiratory tract.
Eucalyptus clears stuffy nasal passages, dilate lung bronchioles helps get rid of sticky mucus
Oregano antihistamine, decogestant and improves airflow
Echinacea and Goldenseal supports the immune system
Wild Cherry Bark calms and supports the respiratory system
Bromelain improves breathing and reduces nasal inflammation
Quercetin supports sinus and respiratory health
Thyme supports the respiratory system



In mornings sip herbal teas. Drink 8 glasses of water a day. Diet should be 50% raw foods plus soups, skinless chicken, turkey, brown rice, whole grain cereals. Try to eat onions or garlic every day.



No junk food, fried, greasy or processed foods, white flour, salt, dairy products, limit red meat and foods that require a lot of chewing.



Avoid stress and tension

Exercise - walking, yoga, tai chi

Do deep breathing exercises several times during the day.

Use a castor oil compress place on chest to reduce mucus and help breathing. Get castor oil and place on cotton or cheesecloth. Place cloth on chest. Put piece of plastic on chest and place a heating pad over plastic. Rest with this on about 1 hour.

Humidify your home. Use air filters. Avoid chemicals, using plastic plates and plastics.

Things highlighted in BOLD are essential to help heal and manage C.O.P.D.


This information is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease and we recommend you check with your health care practitioner before beginning any treatment.

©2020 Linda Mackenzie
All Rights Reserved