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"This complete ongoing workshop is the MISSING LINK to weight loss. Open up your MIND POWER to help control the four major stress factors that cause weight gain. Now you CAN lose the weight and keep it off for life. Let me show you how to tap in and use the power of your mind." - Linda Mackenzie

Weight Loss Hypnosis Workshop               

Purpose of Workshop: Using group hypnosis find a deep committment, overcome limitations, alter emotional ties to eating and control eating habits - effortlessly - as you learn to think and be thin to attain your perfect weight.
Who Will Benefit: Anyone who wants to lose and/or maintain weight. If you have a hard time losing weight or reached a plateau and want to lose more and be able to maintain your weight these workshops are for you.

Group Session Only - Available On Request - Total Sessions: 4
Limited to 10 people - Call: 800-555-5453.
Cost: $30.00 per session/$120.00 Total for 4 Sessions; Pay at the door by cash, check or credit card.
Location: Redondo Beach, CA. Exact location will be given at time of registration.

Weight Loss Workshops will cover one of the following topics and always include a powerful "thinking thin" and "stress release" hypnosis.

Session 1 - Commitment to Weight Loss

  •  Find out your unconscious reasons on why you are holding on to the weight.
  •  Make a total, lasting commitment to lose the weight
  •  Gain self-acceptance and motivation to keep losing and/or maintining weight

Session 2 - Mind Transformation

  •  Release negative behavior patterns
  •  Reduce food intake effortlessly
  •  Alter your emotional ties to eating

Session 3 - Body Transformation

  •  Stop cravings and hunger
  •  Control overeating effortlessly
  •  Naturally select the foods that are right for you

Session 4 - Exercise Transformation

  •  Get motivated to desire exercise
  •  Find the right exercise for you
  •  Increase joy when exercising

LINDA MACKENZIE, C.H.T., Ph.D. (c) was acclaimed by the American Board of Hypnotherapy as 'one of their most prolific creative minds.' She is a multi-book author/audio producer whose works include Help Yourself Heal with Self-Hypnisis, published in two languages, and the award-winning Total Mind-Body-Spirit Weight Loss Program, that has helped thousands of people world-wide to lose weight. Linda is also the Founder and General Manager of the all positive talk radio network www.HealthyLife.Net, a radio host, lecturer, and Doctoral Clinical Hypnotherapist Candidate. A former data engineer and entrepreneur she has appeared worldwide on radio shows, almost all network and cable TV stations, such as ABC, NBC, CBS, the Discovery Channel and has been a feature player in several award-winning documentaries.

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