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By email, phone, fax, or snail mail...there are lots
of ways to reach me...

By Email:

By Phone:
800-555-5453 or 310-371-5444
(Between 9am & 5pm PST, Mon-Fri)

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By Mail:
Creative Health & Spirit Radio
PO Box 385
Manhattan Beach, CA 90267

If You Want to Be A Guest On My Radio Show
Please Read This...

If you have a positive mind, body, spirit book, movie or topic that helps educate & elevate the masses and would like to be on my Creative Health & Spirit Radio Show please send a copy of the book (or show idea) and a press kit to the following address: Creative Health & Spirit, P.O. Box 385, Manhattan Beach, CA 90267. Please do not call or email. The book or idea will be reviewed and if selected someone will contact you with an interview date. Please understand that I am usually booked three months in advance.



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