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Linda's Predictions for NOVEMBER - DECEMBER...
(which may mean absolutely nothing)

We are in what I call a creative void...It is a time where you need to plan, gather resources, then wait for the synchronicity and spiritual timing of the moment before you act. Even if you are at a standstill, to accomplish your goals, the timing has to be exactly right for you to reap your greatest rewards - so don't rush it -- you WILL know when the time is right... and no matter what the time to act is --IT IS CLOSE. So be ready.

We will be consistently moved forward but overall we have another year until we complete our journey to reap the full rewards of yet another one of our life's purposes. So enjoy the process. Positive things will happen along the way to support you. Don't sweat the small stuff. Be fluid and flexible and be mindful of what's going on around you.

Things are righting themselves in this world and as long as we come from love and gratitude we really can't do anything wrong. Despite what seems to be going around you -- you will not be harmed. By staying the positive course you will be advanced and set on your path - almost without effort. So have faith. Feel, trust and know that you are in exactly the right place at this time. Learn your lessons and you will quickly advance to your next level. No matter what you need it will be provided for. You will have enough. If you trust this -- you will get what you need - no matter what.

A lot of people (and pets) are choosing to leave the planet now through their own will or by actions they have taken on a physical or emotional level. Prayer is particularly effective at this time. Make sure you are there for someone who has had a loss in their life. Remember we will all be reunited again. At this particular time the veil is particularly thin between worlds. Over the next two months if you feel you would like to communicate with someone who has passed over you can do it a little easier. Dreamtime is the perfect place for this -- Just have a pen and paper by your bed and before you go to sleep ask to remember what has transpired during dreamtime. Then write down your first impressions as soon as you awaken.

Economically things are moving slowly towards the positive. Housing prices will continue to fall as will rents. Migrations to other States will continue. The inflation that they say is not an inflation will start easing up on almost everything. Remember spend your money wisely, buy just what you need and spend it in small businesses -- so you can support a family and community rather than a big corporation. Big corporations just care about your money. Start going out and buying things in person rather than online. You might choose a local business and help your community. Best of all you might even meet new friends and this will even benefit your health by walking the aisles of a store rather than sitting complacently before a computer exercising just your fingers.

People are tired of the political games and most are just not playing them any more. There are always a few die-hards especially the ones that make their living from or through politics but the number is small and getting smaller. The politics that went into our health freedom of choice from both sides have actually rendered people NOT to listen to their rhetoric or trust the government health agencies or politicians - who are just out of touch with most people who want the middle of the road not extremism. Just to let you know there will be more fear tactics about supposed health scares coming from government agencies, media and politicians over the next few months. However, I see no major catastrophes or anything out of the norm happening. Just do your own research and you will find this is just more power, hype and intended manipulation than actual reality. Make your own informed choices -- and whatever you choose will always be right for you -- but not necessarily right for someone else. So keep your health choices private so we can we can stop the planned disunity someone or something is trying to divide us with. Remember we are all one. Be mindful of that. Also note it is the usual cold and flu season, nothing out of the norm, so take your vitamins and supplements and trust natural medicine. Natural Medicine does much less harm than western medicine. Western Medicine is based on drugs, and many drugs are now bioengineered and put out without long term testing, rather than natural, organic substances.

Now through the end of the year there will be a slow down on getting a new long-term job or promotion -- but there are still some opportunities out there -- and if they are meant for you - you will get them. So don't stop trying if you feel it is right.

Love is definitely in the air but wishin' and hopin' and thinkin' and prayin' will not put anything into action. Get out there! Even those of you who want to improve your relationship -- get out and do something together. This is the time of year to spread as much joy and love as we can so let's not just remember that - Let's do it!! Have the best Holiday Season ever. I love you lots.

-- Until next time...

Love & Light - Linda

Remember you are your own best psychic.
Trust your gut feel


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