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Linda's Predictions for June/July...
(which may mean absolutely nothing)

    In June we are still going to be bombarded with energy bringing Truth to Light. However there is a subtle shift as the Dark side starts to retreat. They cannot stand the brightness of the Light that we are bringing in. Just by being steadfast and true, standing up for the righteous and positive way of life is bringing them down. You may find that a lot of people, animals and plants will decide to leave the planet right now. Remember that this is okay because there IS life on the other side - there is no 'death' only a transformation to an energetic state which preserves the essence of who you are - no matter what.
    God energy is powerful right now and though it may seem that the dark side is winning - It is not. It will take a couple of years for this balance to even out because we have a lot of work to do in fixing everything we now see as broken. It is time to play our part in transforming every negative emotion, including our own, with a positive one. We must train ourselves away from the self and look towards the good of all. Yes. Yes. This is also your final stage in throwing off the shackles of ego, expectation, significance on outcomes, living in the past or the future, trying to control situations and having negative thoughts and emotions. Figure out which one (could be more than one) of these things apply to you and just let it go. Live in the moment. Sometimes it will seem things will not leave you - that's okay - a lot of times they are part of your nature --so if they keep popping up, after you have tried diligently to eliminate them, then try a different method. Allow them to come in and recognize them for what they are - something that is stopping you from being happy - and then immediately and consciously let them go. This helps to change your mind's pattern. If you do this, after awhile, it will take you seconds to let it go.
     The world is changing so fast on a Physical Level with climate change and government trying to control weather. Also Economically because of poor Government management and denial of taking care of the masses which IS their job and responsibility; the unbalanced structure of wealth, jobs and just about everything on the planet. Including Big Pharma and Western Medicine's dancing together for even more money and power - All this is rendering everyone and everything on the planet compromised in health and well-being.
    When will it end? We make progress every day. You can help by walking your talk, being conscious to spend your money in positive ways to help each other and the planet. Then let the rest take care of itself. They are starting to burn themselves out so you will see that by September things will be on a more even keel. So celebrate and relax in June and July and don't sweat the small stuff. If you are in the Light you are in a better position than you have been in a long, long, long time. Be happy this stuff is coming to a close, yet still be prepared for the unexpected.
    Okay so let's get a little more personal ---LOVE IS IN THE AIR - if you want a new relationship or want to spice up the old one - now through the end of July is the time to do it. Plus if you don't go out -- then please go out if you want to meet someone. You expand your chances when you take a positive action towards your goal. Just saying...
    Finances -- there will be surprise money coming in for some -- and ways to make it for others. Keep your eyes and ears to the ground for opportunities. Real Estate, stocks and bonds, well I would leave them alone until September. The real estate market is going to start to crash a little and please be careful of the bank's crazy schemes to get you into a house. Make sure you can handle all the expenses short term AND long term before you buy. If you can't pass on the deal. These are pretty shady characters (except for credit unions) so please be careful. Beware of greedy landlords and landowners and pick wisely if buying or leasing.
    Health is going to be compromised. Period. There is too much for our bodies to overcome unless we are diligent and aware. Help your body by doing the right things on a body-mind-spirit level in order to keep your immune system high - and still be ever vigilant for surprises.
    All in all if you are here on the planet than you signed up for this - don't worry we are always taken care of -- so let's start to create that positive new world filled with Love and Light - for the greater good of all. It's right around the corner. Be part of the solution and SMILE!  

Remember you are your own best psychic.
Trust your gut feel!


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