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Linda's Predictions for MAY - JUNE...
(which may mean absolutely nothing)

Are you done dealing with things that keep constantly throwing you off balance during the month of April? It seemed that you have had no time to rest as issues past and present keep popping up making you face your insecurities again and again until you realized that just by letting go, accepting things and acting in truth, love and higher light you have (or can) dissipate those pesky things forever. These are the things that were holding you back so pay attention to what they were and breathe a sigh of relief because those obstacles are finally done -- IF you reacted by letting them flow through you rather than agitate you into negative emotions.

These next two months, if you've done the work, will prove to be more supportive of you. A position you haven't felt for a long, long time -- as the weight of false belief systems dissipate and allow you to breathe free. This new energy will allow you to plan what it is that you really want in life. This energy sets the stage and opens the path to you getting whatever it is that you want and helps you eliminate the need for insubstantial and inconsequential things that are no longer important as you recognize that by using light and love energy and striving to stay in the positive keeps you protected and in the right place - no matter what.

So breathe a big sigh of relief and pat yourself on the back -- you have come through a very arduous time to hold truth and righteousness not just for you but for humanity. So thank you for doing your part. Whether that part was small or large makes no difference because we are all woven into the tapestry of conscious humanity and have an effect on the whole. Over then next two months it would be wise to remember this and treat everyone with kindness.

I am not saying its not going to still be a bumpy ride over the next two years but it will no longer be that roller coaster ride of extreme ups and downs. There are a couple of things I am meant to tell you to help you navigate the next two months (and the next two years).

1) We are coming into another period of truth, love, light and illumination filled with celestial blessings. However the veil between worlds (as above, so below) is very thin now and will continue to be so. That means negativity is closer and can get to you faster if you let it. Just shoo those negative thoughts away as pesky flies and concentrate on the positive. Stay away from the dark negative side. Instead of gravitating to the negative use love, light and kindness - EVERY TIME. This will uplift you, protect you and keep you on the positive, happier path.

2) When any negativity (issues, people, problems, etc.) reach out for you -- please, please, please remember this one thing. To find the cause of the negativity look one step back than the obvious. The dark side is becoming tricky and rarely will the negative be cleared with just the obvious solution -- you must go further to see what your part is in the negative situation and release it...otherwise it will stay there or keep returning. So look one step further for the solution and you will clear it from your path.

3) Most important -- these days do NOT get distracted by the past. Do NOT get distracted by the future. To stay on your course steady and true, be mindful and live in the moment. If you feel yourself being dragged to the past or future - find your way back to the moment. This will keep you clear and divert any curves that the negativity or disrupting forces may be throwing at you. They want to unbalance you and keep you from your truth. Stay in the moment and you will win over these forces and negativity.

Now for next two months predictions - Starting in June -- the housing market will start to swing back towards normalcy. Inflation will rage for part of May but start to subside in June and slowly continue to do so for the rest of the year. Do not worry about finances -- what you need you will get. It may not be an over abundance but you will have enough. Look for creative ways to make more money or to decrease spending on those things you do not need.

Job changes, career moves are positive so make a detailed plan, take some action but then throw the plan away and wait for the synchronicity of the moment -- you will be led and accomplish what you desire over a period of time. Have no doubt about that.

Love is in the air but you need to drop away any fear and get out and reestablish your life as a powerful, fearless individual if you want to add or change your love life. Don't look for someone to fulfill you (fulfill yourself) but look for someone that flows with you and loves you unconditionally and make sure you love them back unconditionally.

As far as health...The aftermath of the debacle that they made of this pandemic will take its toll -- although don't expect the powers that be to take count of the devastation that they made and contributed to. You will never get those numbers. In general do everything that is right for you to maintain your health naturally. Most of us have immunity now so drop the fear and live your life. Some will opt to leave the planet but it really may be time for them. Remember there is life after death. Death is not the end but a transition and during these next two months there will be many transitions so keep your love & light burning high -- because there is a warm breeze that will sail you through most of this unscathed. Just get ready for the good times.

-- Until next time...

Love & Light - Linda

Remember you are your own best psychic.
Trust your gut feel


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