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Linda's Predictions for JANUARY - FEBRUARY...
(which may mean absolutely nothing)

Can you feel the shift? It's going to be getting even more powerful as the months go by. Right now you may be getting dreams or having experiences that have put you back into negative emotions or states that you thought you had overcome from the past. Keep watching for the recurrent themes in these scenarios. You will find that this is a residual energy pattern that you need to let go of so you can move on and upwards to a more positive, happy life. Now sometimes you may not know where these emotions (anger, despair, depression, anxiety etc.) are coming from. So note that they may be karmic experiences from your past or even fear activators from a past generation in your family tree that is being activated in your DNA and that needs to be released. Where it is coming from is not important. Discover what it is and move forward and heal so that these particular things will never darken your life again. This is a huge opportunity to be healed in Love and Light - but you have to make the choice to do it.

People are tired of the lies and are awakening to truth. In the end truth cannot be denied and you will find that things are slowly righting themselves in the world. One of the things to be aware of is media hype that is designed to drive you in the direction they want you to go. Remember now is the time to turn off negative, sensationalistic media who are bent on the premise that fear sells. Search for the truthful media that can lift you up not bring you down.

We have a lot of work to do to instill common sense, deductive reasoning and independent thinking back into our society. Although that will be slow, since people are being led and distracted in so many ways these days. Here's a tip that should serve you well and help to give you peace. If you trust your gut intuition and not your head you will be right about 99% of the time. You just have to remember to feel, know and trust that intuition or gut feel and not get distracted with the sensationalistic outside hype that keeps you off-center and out of balance. Remember miracles are happening all around us every day and you will find that you will always get what you need although maybe not what you want. Plus you are always where you are meant to be in every moment of time. Plus you have a choice in every moment. So choose the positive and not the negative. Just let go of the negative in each moment. It really is that simple. If you find it hard to do this - hum. Humming puts your energy in the higher heart chakra and automatically uplifts you. Remember you are what you think. So think positive.

The veil is being lifted on so many things these days it can make your head spin. Just try and stay as centered as possible. If you miss an opportunity because of these distractions, don't worry, if it is meant to be it will come round again. Also remember to find your tribe and move away from people and things that do not serve you. You have the choice - so during these next two months make sure you around people and things that uplift you. The ultimate goal is to get beyond yourself to be of service to the greater good of all -- so we can be part of solution and not be part of the problem for humanity. Just being centered and happy helps the collective consciousness that will shift the energy for all - so no matter what - you are never insignificant.

This 'recession that is not a recession'.. This 'inflation that's not an inflation' is actually a good thing. It is balancing things so just get through it as best you can. Do not keep up the same old spending patterns. Try cutting back to what you need again not what you want. It shouldn't last that long - we should see relief before June. However, be careful of investing in the stock or bond market. Don't invest anything you can't lose. The markets will be erratic and Big Data companies - which so much of what the market is based on - is going to be erratic as they are being reined in. The adjustment to what is going to make the next windfall of money is happening right now and it should take about a year and half before things are somewhat on an even keel in the stock and bond market again. (I'll give you a hint of where the next big area of hype and future investment money may be destined to go - anything to do with climate change.)

Love and Light is all around us and in February there are multiple opportunities to increase the love in your life. Remember you have to give love out to get it back. Love is like an earthquake in that the more you give love out - exponentially the greater love you will receive back. The Light is very strong right now and you can ask for God's (or Source's) assistance but also remember the angels are all around us and can help too. The veil between worlds is very thin right now and they are willing to help. So ask for your highest good and they can guide and protect you. You are never alone - we are all in this together. So help each other. Pray, visualize, meditate or just feel the good, positive energy around you. Be mindful and kick that negative to the curb in every moment. All dreams are possible and this is the time to get us on a positive path to achieve them. I send you many positive blessings over these next two month.

-- Until next time...

Much Love & Light - Linda

Remember you are your own best psychic.
Trust your gut feel


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