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Linda's Predictions for January/February...
(which may mean absolutely nothing)

    Turbulent times on the outside should have you pursuing peaceful times on the inside. With the events happening in all areas of power, government and the overall unrest, be sure you to remember that this purging should be met with peaceful activism and divestiture of your money away from the banks and places that are not in alignment with your vision and the greater good of all. Your job is not to feed this cancerous faction but to stay in the Light so positive energy can overcome negative energy sooner, rather than later. In these times we all must do our part to stay positive and support each other.
    Despite what they want you to believe everything is going splendidly in the long range of things. As new buffoonery gets uncovered we clearly see what is broken and what needs to be fixed -- and the best part is that we are not alone in trying to fix these things.
    Mother Earth and her Forces of Nature are focusing on creating energies that balance all earthly energy for the greater good, as is of course, angelic spirits and forces of the Universe which are tipping Universal energy for greater balance towards the positive. And..please let's not forget that the ultimate power over control - God and his absolute Spiritual Energy IS making things right. So do not despair.
    When things get overwhelming go to your inner space, surround yourself with the energy of Spiritual Oneness and just stay there until you get emotional and mental clarity that will also show you what you are to do next. Do not react until you get that clear message that only you know is right for you - which comes from truth and not ego. Here's a hint and a gift...You can apply this method to any problem you may be having in your life over the next two months and it will help you.
     What is going to happen to you individually over the next two months - Well... growth, expansion, clarity, abundance and love - if you've done the work and are in the Light. If you're still coming from 'all about me', ego, power, money and wanting just your individual happiness you will be getting delays and setbacks so you can attain the growth, muddiness of ideas and lack of creativity so you will not be able to go forward easily, loss of money and resources and very few opportunities. This is an opportunity for you to set your life and things in your life on the right path. To open yourself up to positive energy. You need to be part of the solution, not part of the problem. Please take this opportunity to finally change the way you have been doing things so that you can find true happiness, ease, abundance and love.
    There are so many positive opportunities and solutions coming our way over the next two months that if you are in the Light, and don't get distracted by the negative, your life will be undergoing a transformation towards happiness, joy, and all the positive things that you may need, want or have even planned for.
    Remember happiness is a choice that can be made in every moment, no matter what. Love abounds all around us to support and nurture us in every moment. All you have to do is not set limitations by antiquated belief systems. Be ready to discard the old and try the new. Live in the moment in a loving way. Remember the only thing you take with you when you pass over is the Love you Give and the Love you Receive. So open up and start getting unconditional love in your life - no matter where it comes from - a child, spouse, lover, animal, nature, the Universe, God - it all is equally important.
    Final hint - stay in truth and integrity and live your life ethically. It will get you to the positive faster.
Happy GREAT New Year to You! It's going to be...FUN!

Remember you are your own best psychic.
Trust your gut feel!


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