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Linda's Predictions for March/April...
(which may mean absolutely nothing)

The Light is shining in and through the dark even though it may seem that things you have expected have been tossed aside into the maelstrom of the human fray. It seems time is speeding up as more, and even more, things have to get done. Listen...Do you hear a HIGH ALERT BEEP...well just to let you know...THIS IS A TEST. So stay focused and grounded in the Light even as things come flying at you and around you. Please remember that whatever disappears is just not supposed to be and that if you stay positive and be patient (yes even for a little while -- please sit on your hands) the reasons will emerge why it was beneficial for those things to disappear, as new and even better things come in to take their place.

It is just time to let go of old stuff. That stuff that has been rattling around (and maybe even rattling around for years) without giving you the satisfaction or results that you want and need. These things were actually making you march in place and now keeping them around any longer would be just wasting your time. Just trust that everything IS working for your highest good. You will not be disappointed AND remember you are always provided for - no matter what. So wipe out your negative and limited thinking and replace it by opening up your mind and arms to embrace the unlimited possibilities before you - even if you can't see what they are yet. The turmoil around us DOES NOT have to reach our inner core and we must ensure that it does not - since in reality this outside stuff is the unreality. So during this time, take heed of my words and surrender to free falling and embracing the Light. I guarantee you will not be disappointed. So in the meantime - just Hum (AND I DO MEAN THIS LITERALLY) because humming a little tune brings that pesky old negative energy immediately up from the root chakra to be dispersed immediately through the higher energetic frequency of your heart chakra - and that will make you feel better. Try it. It works. If it doesn't work right away...hum longer.

In the next two months things will be changing so we need to be prepared for a roller coaster ride although it will be smoother than ride that happened in the January-February time frame for sure. Now here are some predictions for the future - which may even extend and have impact beyond the next two months. The real estate market will decline with housing prices coming down and rents finally maxing out. Unemployment may start to rise again as people get fired for lack of revenue in many agricultural, travel, retail and restaurant industries. Stocks will fluctuate and start going down. Some of the 1% will be coming out of their 1% category. The banking industry will lose a lot of clients as more and more people put their money in places that are more socially responsible. If you are in the Light and if you do get fired remember that relief will come in quickly replacing your loss with a better opportunity and most likely more money to go along with it. If an old relationship disappears, let it go a better one is on the way. So do not stay in stress. Breathe in Light and send out love and above all stay positive. The old adage about March coming in like a Lion and going out like a Lamb applies, as does April Showers bring May Flowers. Spring is going to be a joyous time. A true time of hope and renewal for all. Stay together and lend a helping hand where you can. The time for community is now.

I am always sending you lots of Light and Love. So until next time - Keep Humming Along!

Remember you are your own best psychic.
Trust your gut feel!


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