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Linda's Predictions for May/June...
(which may mean absolutely nothing)

    There is a small creative void that is in the air that may delay things from happening for a short time at the beginning of May. This creative void time is when you should start creating, designing, planning and begin to implement new ideas, and maybe even new goals. The goals can be on a physical, mental, emotional or spiritual level. If you clarify and set your intentions, do the work (and I am not talking busy work that takes your focus away from what you really need to do) and then finally take the action - you will come out of the other side of this creative void victorious and closer to your goals than you ever have been before. Here's a hint - Do not follow a negative thought. Kick it to the curb as soon as you get it. Keep those positive thoughts, words and actions flowing freely. It is very, very important to do this now if you want to forge ahead in a positive direction, leaving your old, and quite unnecessary, emotional and limiting baggage behind.
     I mean aren't you tired of carrying around and longing for the same exact things. This is the time to do something about them. Remember the minute that you do not set up expectations, significance or rigid goals toward something - that is when it will happen. At this time we all need to let go of ego and a sense of entitlement too. You come into this world with nothing. You go out with nothing - except the love you give and receive. Anything in between is just a life experience. One in which you have the option to choose, in every moment, whether you view that experience either positively or negatively. Remember you are what you think and energy gravitates towards what you think.
    We all need to be open to letting the Divine take care of us without a glimmer of doubt. There is really no other way if you want to surge ahead, instead of crawl, towards your life of happiness, joy, contentment and abundance. So stop whining. Reach out, create and work towards your joy. You can do it with the winds of change that are in the air right now. Pretty please, since we are all connected, could you think positively because it affects all of us as much as it does you. The world is already too negative these days so let's pull that vibration up and this starts with you, your thoughts and actions. You are important!
     By mid-May you will find the Light starting to tip the balance towards the positive across the world. Yes, there will still be more ups, downs and surprises but they will vibrate towards good. This is because the powers of darkness, now exposed, only has the power that our fear gives them - and in the long run - there is truly nothing to fear - and we realize that. So try not to buy into the fear and you can do this by staying positive. Housing prices will start to dip in the United States. The stocks and bond market will fluctuate with nothing substantial in the ways of ups or downs, although bonds may be of a more secure nature rather than stocks in the next couple of months. Check with your financial advisor. Politics will level out as the populous continues being observant and keeps pressure on situations that are not correct and proper for the greater good of all.
    Love is all around us and if you want to further (or start) a love relationship - the timing is excellent. Remember to look at your love interest without your laundry list, without rose-colored glasses and without need. You can want something, but need, well that puts a whole different perspective on love - maybe giving you want you want temporarily, in the moment, but rarely if love comes from satisfying a need does it prove to be a long term reliance OR alliance. Go with the flow, be observant, go slow and things will turn in your favor.
     So my friends stay the mark over these next two months. Enjoy life and new beginnings. If you get a chance to help or be kind to someone - just do it. It's time to give and receive in balance. As always I am sending you lots of Light and Love. Onward and upward!

Remember you are your own best psychic.
Trust your gut feel!


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