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Linda's Predictions for February/March...
(which may mean absolutely nothing)

    The Eclipses are certainly powerful this month. Coming in with the power of oneness glimmering beneath the surface. While at the forefront another wave of energy brings issues that were beneath the surface direct to the forefront. Issues that need to be looked at and finally put to rest. This is the time of forgiving and a time of forgetting. Forgiving people who have hurt you but not forgetting that they did. Looking at yourself and forgiving your part as well. Integrating the benefits and lessons of the past but forgetting the negative emotions of that past.
    It is time to move forward with more of a free flowing trust. Plan what you want and need to do and then throw the plan away knowing you are Divinely guided in each moment to where your next step will be. Trust your gut feel and that step will lead you effortlessly to your next. Use your mind to rationalize (which is when your heart and mind do no not come together) and you will be delayed in reaching that next right step. Feel, Know and Trust. That should be your motto and be at the forefront of any action you are going to take in the next couple of months.
    Walking in the knowledge that you are guided and protected no matter what is powerful. However, you must do your part to protect yourself from energetic outside sources. So research and use the energy protection methods that are right for you. While you are at it, you might also want to send energetic protection around your family, pets, plants and home. Make sure you change your method of protection at least daily, if not more. And most important tell noone, not even your friends, what methods you are using and when you are changing them.     Some of you may have noticed that there have been a lot of different sound wave frequencies, some high pitched, coming in particularly at night. These frequencies may be man-made or from energies in the Universe (probably both) trying to shift your mind. Sometimes these frequencies are good and sometimes not. Some are human based experiments, some are not. Now that you are aware of them -- you will recognize them when they come in. Only you will know whether to let those frequencies in...or not. It's back to that Feel, Know, Trust.
     A lot of the near future changes coming is because the Pendulum is swinging back towards the Light. There is a greater Oneness and Consciousness on this planet now. The time for setting things back to the Light has begun. Be part of the solution by using Love, even to your 'enemies.' Love will make them more uncomfortable and deplete their negative motives and emotions faster and greater than hate. Your hate, anger or other negative emotions only aids fuel to their fire. It allows their negative emotions to grow and flourish. That does not mean you just let things go. It means to hold space, be determined, don't back down, use reason and use the Light and the power of Oneness to get your point across. Love is the strongest weapon.
    As far as what's happening on Earth watch as shifts happen in the opposite direction. Real Estate prices and stocks will go down, not up. Small businesses will start replacing monopolies, Technology has hit critical mass and people will start moving away from it as governments regulate it more and more. The 1% will start losing some power and they will start turning on each other. Science is losing credibility as it runs amok trying to make their owners more money, without conscience or long term studies which has been at the expensive of the masses. This type of Science will be curtailed. Original natural healthcare and self-care will be replacing more of Big Pharma controlled Western Medicine - and original medicine will produce better results. Love is all around and is limitless. There is always enough to share no matter what. So don't be stingy. Open your heart and let the Love shine out. This powerful energy coming in at this time is guaranteed to lift you up in all areas of life. You will find that you will get everything you need, maybe not what you want - but definitely what you need. So sit back and be joyful as the pendulum swings back to the Light. As for what you should do at this time - Stay Positive and Stay in the Light!

Remember you are your own best psychic.
Trust your gut feel!


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