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Linda's Predictions for JULY - AUGUST...
(which may mean absolutely nothing)

Summertime and the living is full of change -- however it will seem like slow moving change. Make no mistake things are shifting -- and despite what the rhetoric is in media and political rhetoric -- it IS moving in a positive direction. An uplifting direction that is already surrounding you in love and light. At this time it is best to remember that worry is a needless, useless emotion that keeps you in the negative without contributing to movement to push you forward nor back. Swat at these worry thoughts like you would pesky flies and get them out of your head or you'll miss the synchronicity of the moment where we must act for our own and others positive good.

These next two months, will be a planning stage of where you want to go - the sky is the limit (and maybe beyond). If you are reading this you probably have dome the work and are ready for the stage to open so you can play a positive new role based in happiness, serenity and love. Try not to worry (you know that needless emotion) or get negative if time is moving too slow to get you where you want to go. There are reasons for the slowness and everything is in Spiritual Timing -- not yours or consciousness or politics, or anything on this earth plane (although the energy is affecting the earth plane.) Mother Nature is growing in power and is getting ready to take over the absolute mess Big Pharma, Big Agra, chemical and gas companies have made of the air, soul, water, flora and fauna, as well as, humans on this planet.

So breathe a big sigh of relief and pat yourself on the back -- you have come through a very arduous time to hold truth and righteousness - not just for you but for humanity. So thank you for doing your part. Whether that part was small or large makes no difference because we are all woven into the tapestry of conscious humanity and have an effect on the whole. Over then next two months it would be wise to remember this and treat everyone with kindness. It will be a little hairy with what Mother Nature does and we are seeing the effects with our weather, tornadoes, hurricanes, droughts and heat waves. She has had enough and the human beings in power are stifled in greed and corruption and will do little or nothing to correct the problem. But no worries Mother Nature will. Mother Nature has memory and she knows who has been kind, filled with love and has tried to be a steward and respect nature and the planet. Those of you will be okay so not too worry. In fact the pendulum is starting to swing back a bit and over the next 20 years with a shift back to healthy place despite what humans do or not do. Remember we are NOT in control - no matter who you are that think you are. There are greater forces at work here -- so trust in the Divine because we in the Light will not only survive nicely, but we will prosper.

Shifts are happening. Greed and political agenda from both sides are being exposed. The economy is righting itself so don't worry in the short term. Buy less. Support local business. Foster community in your cities and towns. Be there for one another - no matter what and please, please, please turn down the negative vitriol being spouted around you that want to keep you in fear and worry (that useless emotion again) -- for all is NOT real. Over a period of time the ill-gotten wealthy, greedy, manipulators and large companies who have taken advantage of the people will becoming into recompense and there will be alittle reality check for them.. The majority of us have already adapted to living on less and doing without -- and believe it or not we are fine and will continue to be. Those into money and things perhaps not so much anymore. We are in a great metamorphosis and believe me Positive Always Overcomes Negative -- so stay positive.

Housing -- well folks the bubble burst is coming and over the next two years will finally be broken where the common man will be able to afford rents and to buy houses. The housing market will not look so attractive to large company investors and there will be a lot of housing dumped back into the marketplace. New constructions will probably be hampered as the real estate industry finally levels off and greedy landlords will be held in check with a surplus of high priced rentals in the major markets/.

Now for next two months predictions - Starting in June -- the housing market will start to swing back towards normalcy. Inflation will rage for part of May but start to subside in June and slowly continue to do so for the rest of the year. Do not worry about finances -- what you need you will get. It may not be an over abundance but you will have enough. Look for creative ways to make more money or to decrease spending on those things you do not need.

Stock markets are volatile. You should never invest in stocks or commodities any money that you can't afford to lose. Over the next two months ( and probably through the end of the year) you will see stocks ( and even the bond market) act like a huge roller coaster ride with terrifying dips and ascents. If you know what you're doing its a great time to play that high and lows -- but most of us don't -- so step back Loretta and watch everything from the sidelines because in the end everything is going to be stable once more. Remember the law of change says what goes down, must go up and viee versa to infinity That's just the way of change.

You do realize that the COVID crisis is over. The people who are still buying into the fear actually have another agenda that they are probably not even telling themselves. DO NOT FEAR illness and disease -- but remember if you take care of your body -- it WILL take care of you better than any drug. So take care of your body on a mind-body-spirit level. Do the right things -- you know what they are so stop the excuses and just do it -- and please stop listening to the negative rhetoric and do some out of the box research so you can discern what is really the truth and right for you. Unfortunately this out-of-the box research does not include traditional media, radio, TV, newspapers and magazines. They are all owned by a few people and all have to follow their higher ups monetary and/or political agenda. If the news is scaring you -- turn it off. I went 30 years without watching the news and it truly had minimal impact on my life and I was much happier and connected.

Love. Give it out to everyone and expect nothing back. When you do this love will find you. This is true whether you have a relationship, looking for one or just being happy and complete with who you are. Love and kindness is powerful these days. They are the strongest weapons you have in these next two months, along with a positive attitude. Use these three things ad the next two months will sail by in happiness steering you towards your goal in peace and support. I love you deeply with my whole heart and soul -- and I always will -- each and every one of you no mater who you are. There is strength in love. Join me in loving the world. Forgiving but not forgetting and being the most positive you that you can be. We're in this together. We will survive together because all the forces of good AND Mother Nature is behind us.

-- Until next time...

Love & Light - Linda

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