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It's time to understand! Every one has psychic ability. Join us to pierce the myths and immerse yourself into the world of psychic ability.Explore 17 kinds of abilities and learn about your own. The 'Psychic Secrets Unveiled' exhibit, originally located at the Paraplex Paranormal Museum in New Orleans was gleaned from Linda Mackenzie's 55+ years study and practice of metaphysics and the paranormal to help people understand how science and spirituality fit.

Former datacom engineer, entrepreneur and Founder of the 20+ year HealthyLife.net Radio Network, Linda is a worldwide psychic interpreter for political figures, celebrities and corporations who has appeared on almost on all TV/cable networks and in several documentaries. She is a multi-book author, radio host and lecturer.




Saturday, 10:00 a.m. - 5 p.m.

10:00a   Exhibit Tour- Stories
11:00a   Discover Your Ability Workshop I
12:30p   Break
  1:30p   Exhibit Tour - Stories
  2:30p   Unblock/Increase Ability Meditation
  3:00p   Break
  3:30p   Many Faces of Psychic Ability Movie
  4:00p   Q & A / One Woman Show
  5:00p   Finale


Sunday, 10 a.m. - 5 p.m.

10:00a   Exhibit Tour - Stories
10:30a   Discover Your Ability Workshop 2
12:00p   Break
  1:00p   Exhibit Tour - Stories
  1:30p   Selecting A Psychic Movie
  2:00p   Q & A
  2:30p   One Question Psychic Reading
  4:45p   Psychic Protection Blessing
  5:00p   Finale

2 Day Pass: Individual: $150. Bring A Friend: $225. Senior (50+): $100. VIP*: $200.
1 Day Pass: (Saturday or Sunday) Individual: $100. Bring A Friend: $150. Senior (50+): $75.
*VIP: fantastic swag bag, signed book, 1-hour future psychic or healing session.


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MOVIE: --MANY FACES OF PSYCHIC ABILITY is unprecedented in scope. The film breaks new ground in deciphering and presenting historical data, and little known facts, along with personal experiences, on the more than 17 different and distinct types of psychic ability that exist in the world of paranormal phenomena. Since ancient times psychic ability was known and respected. Today confusing, and often untruthful ideas surround these abilities. MANY FACES OF PSYCHIC ABILITY enlightens people to the idea that psychic ability is not a special gift, but an inherent natural talent we all have. A talent that varies in intensity, type, level and experience per individual. This entertaining film purports that 'you are your own best psychic' and that it's time to understand this talent. Many Faces of Psychic Ability" was directed and produced by Denise Howard. The film was written and narrated by Linda Mackenzie with music provided by Sound Healing authority Jonathan Goldman.

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