Linda Mackenzie's
Relationship Activation Workshop
(to attract, improve or release relationships)

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"If you want to attract, improve or release ANY relationship and overcome past relationship blockages to allow more love to flow towards you - this is your workshop. Working in a group and individually I will be
using my unique method so you can discover your true relationship needs and 'love light triggers'; expand your balance, boundaries and communication skills; and activate your own 'relationship intuition' to discover the
truth and eliminate any negativity prior to or during a relationship." - Linda Mackenzie

Relationship Activation Workshop               

Purpose of Seminar:
Linda Mackenzie's unique method of combining hypnosis, energy work and Light activation will stimulate healthy, fulfilling and lasting relationships.
Who Will Benefit:
Anyone who wants a new relationship or improve an existing one. If you want to attract, improve or release relationships and open your heart to allow more love into your life for a sustaining relationship - this workshop is for you.

Group Sessions Only - Available On Request
Limited to 10 people - Call: 800-555-5453.
Location: Redondo Beach, CA. Exact location will be given at time of registration.

Relationship Activation Intensive  - 1 Day Course
Time: 9am -12:30; (1 hour off for lunch); 1:30pm -5:30pm
Minimum: 10 people                                   Cost: $200.00

Relationship Activation Intensive Workshop Outline

  •  Discover Your 3-Part Love Meter
  •  Heal Past Relationships
  •  Promote Self -Love
  •  Create Balance & Boundaries
  • (1 Hour Lunch Break)
  •  Expand Your Heart
  •  Activating Relationship Intuition
  •  Expressing Yourself in Relationships
  •  Turn On Your Love Light Triggers

Relationship Activation Intensive Workshop Benefits:
This workshop is a combination of Relationship Activation 1 and 2 which can be completed in an intensive session in the same day. It helps you find your core message that makes you unique and identifies what you really need and want from a relationship. It removes past relationship blockages and replaces it with self-love so that you may enter a relationship in strength, peace and harmony. It will stimulate balance and help you create and maintain healthy boundaries so that relationships can flourish. The workshop also helps you expand and open your heart to allow love to come in effortlessly. It energetically opens and fine tunes your 'relationship intuition' so you can determine the truth and motivation behind what is being shown to you. In this way you can take the appropriate action to limit or eliminate any possible negativity. Activation of your 'love light' triggers will help you keep improving and understanding relationships over time.

LINDA MACKENZIE, C.H.T., Ph.D. (c) is the Founder and General Manager of the all positive talk radio network www.HealthyLife.Net. She is a world-renown and respected God-based psychic, energy healer, a multi-book author, radio host, lecturer, audio/video producer and a recognized & respected Doctoral Clinical Hypnotherapist Candidate. This former data engineer and entrepreneur has appeared worldwide on hundreds of radio shows, almost all network and cable TV stations and in several award-winning documentaries. Linda has helped thousands of people achieve their goals.


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