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Linda Mackenzie
Hypnotherapy Sessions

  •    Physical Issues          
  •    Emotional Blocks & Problems
  •    Mental Fears and Phobias
  •    Spiritual Blocks and Advancement

Rates Per Private Session
In Person or By Phone:

$50.00 - 1/2 HOUR

$100.00 - 1 HOUR

After healing myself from a severe chronic illness using hypnosis, diet, vitamins and herbs, I decided to become certified in Clinical Hypnosis to help others actualize their dreams of a healthy, happy life. I am now going for my Doctorate in Clinical Hypnotherapy and have been cited as one of the American Board of Hypnotherapy's "most prolific creative minds".

A published author of the worldwide acclaimed and distributed book "Help yourself heal with self-hypnosis". I have also produced award-winning audiovisualization tapes that address 12 - specific illnesses and negative emotions, weight loss, and the 1st tape ever to use hypnosis to minimize the symptoms of menopause. These products are used in clinics, healing centers and doctors offices nationwide. You can check out the product section of this website if you are interested in obtaining any of these products.

I have lectured nationwide about hypnosis and visualization at corporations, hospitals, expos, conferences and community groups. I also donate time to senior citizen homes & centers to teach seniors how to help relieve their pain with self-hypnosis.

My method of hypnosis is unique, as I combine three different kinds of hypnosis together with energy healing to produce faster results. With most people one session is all it takes, although weight loss and smoking may take 2-3 sessions over a period of 3-6 months and is dependent upon the client. My desire is to help you become who you are meant to be - a joyful, healthy, balanced, positive person and I am here to help you do that.

Call to schedule your appointment at:
800-555-5453 310-371-5444 or email me at Linda@lindamackenzie.net

  • Help yourself heal
  • Balance your emotions
  • Find positive ways of thinking and enhance your creativity
  • Reach your next step on a spiritual level or find out about a past life
  • Help rid yourself of bad habits, fears, phobias or blocks

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