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About Linda
God gave a gift to the world when you were born; a person who loves and cares, who sees a person's need and fills it, who encourages and lifts people up, who spends energy on others rather than himself, who touches each life he enters & makes a difference in the world. May the love you have shown to others return to you multiplied. - Sylvain Bergeron

Lectures & Community Events:
Your self-publishing lecture information was inspirational. Basia Conroy, Author & Lecturer
Your Reach Your Next Step seminar made things crystal clear. Marybeth McQuade
Mary Ann Liebert joins me in extending to you our profound thanks for a job well done. Your contribution enhanced the program. Harriet I. Matysko, BioConferences Int'l Inc. 3rd Annual Pharmaceutical Conference
You were the first guest I had in my high school P.E. class. The girls were so positive and felt so good afterwards. Thank you for coming. Ginger
Linda, you are a wonder! Thanks for giving your time and energy to the psychic readings...Tracy Newell & Susan Lanfre, American Cancer Society Relay for Life
We appreciate you taking the time to provide encouragement and hope. Pat Gurnick, CEFCA
Your subject matter was appropriate, informative and well received. Mary C. Massey, TRW
We got a LOT out of your workshop! K & K Poehlman
Thank you for the live broadcast at ABATE Local #19 and Pomona Valley H.O.G.'s Toy Run. John Foster
You are blessing to so many...Rev. Crystal Bujol

God-Based Psychic Abilities:
I think you are an incredibly talented psychic. Jackie S., Yucaipa, CA
I appreciate your gifts! Terry Kite, Psychic
Thank you for being in my life! LaVerne B., Lakeport, CA
Your insights, enthusiasm and energy is so refreshing and deeply appreciated. Debbie B.,
Your advise was so right. Lucille
I sense your wonderful gift of self-empowering people. It happens to me each time we speak
Sharon Warren, Author of Angel Fingerprints
You are GOOD! You're the kind of person I could sit and rap for days on end because you would totally understand where I was coming from. Marilyn
Thank you for your kindness and guidance. After speaking to you I got right back to regular prayer and meditation and obtained my inner peace. Maria R., Orange, CA.
Your readings are just so spot on. Sharon G.
You help put things in perspective. Marca
I was truly a basket case, thanks for helping me. Mary F.
Your positive outlook & strength are an inspiration to me. Carolyn
Guess who I just found? Willow my missing kitty ... just like you said. Maria
Thank you for Saturday...I was truly touched. Meeting you really impacted me in the best way. Lisa W.
Thanks for helping keep the faith. Deborah
Gentle Linda Mackenzie thank you for giving your light of love and peace. Hedy
Thank you SO much for advising me on my word of the year this morning, and about the book struggling to get out! I really do appreciate it. It was spot on, and you are FABULOUS, as always. Doreena C.

Healing & Hypnotherapy:
Our hypnotherapy work together has definitely had an effect. Sandra G., Beverly Hills, CA
You have helped my husband, my children, my parents. Your hypnotherapy has healed my knee, my foot and now my mouth over the phone! Barbara S., New York City.
Thank you so much for your help. I feel better now. Sharon

National TV & Radio Guest Spots:
Thanks for your time and help on the show today! We want you back!Paul Gonzales, UBN Radio
Thank you for appearing on our show you were a fantastic guest, everyone loved you!Daphne-Weld Nichols, co-host of Boston's Living Unlimited TV show
You break all records for call-ins every time you're on. Even at 6 am in the morning!Gary, KPSL
You comfort people from your soul and are a rose among thorns. Thank you. Sherman H., KGMD
Your interview on the Brad Davis show was a huge success from our standpoint. We would like to do another one next month! Laura Kittel Exec Producer WDRC

The Creative Health & Spirit Radio Show/Linda Mackenzie Show:
"From the Guests"

Your interview questions are really great..so much more profound than I'm used to. Joseph Dispenza, Author
I look forward to working with you again soon-Betty Eadie, Author
I loved your comments about the left/right brain appeal of my book.- Carol McClelland

I am impressed by what you are doing. You, too, have been a beacon of light for millions.Daniel Raphael
Paul remarked after the show that you conducted the best interview of the many he has done across the country. - Matt Sutherland, Publicist for Paul Sutherland author of "Zenvesting."
Thanks so much for a wonderful interview. It was really ablessing to speak to such a wise and evolving soul. - Rand Bishop, author & composer of "The List"
You are a lovely host and a true giving spirit. Maurice A., Metaphysical Attorney
The positive news you are transmitting is frontal lobe information-Glynda-Lee Hoffman
Thank you...I am sure your listeners got a lot out of the interview last night.-Ric Giardina
I feel your show is a great asset to our culture and the people in these times.-Maureen Belle
I enjoyed myself and am grateful that people like you are in the world.-Phyllis Firak-Mitz
Thank you...It was a delightful interview. Maggie Oman Shannon
I appreciate your warmth and your questions which brought a depth to John-Roger's interview.-Angel Gibson
Thank you ...you totally captivate your audience you make me want to listen more.- Glenda Twinnings
Enjoyed our time together-it went by so fast!-you were warm and encouraging. - Christine Reynolds
Interacting with you inspired me and made me feel terrific about you, your show and all the wonderful work you are doing in this world.-Sita Chaney, Astara

"From the Listeners"
I find your show informative and sometimes when I call in the answers you give me are assuring. Glenn, Va
I have been listening to your program and I think it's great! Rita S.
You told me to go to another doctor for a second opinion and my eyesight would improve. I did and the new doctor found I had a stich in my eye that was not removed from surgery and now I can see better. C. G., CA
What a joy to talk to you. You put my mind at ease. Connie, Kentucky
You told me my film was going to win an award and it did! Gaylan B., New Mexico
Thank you for teaching me that the sun shines in us and not on us. Hedy W., Utah

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