A Self-Discovery Reference Guide




Symbols of You
A Self-Discovery Reference Guide

Linda Mackenzie
ISBN:979-89867179-0-6 Trade Paper
ISBN:979-89867179-1-3 Ebook
Trade Paper: $24.95   Ebook: $9.95
8.5 X 11; 160 pages
22 B&W Illustrations; 83 Charts, 61 Activities
Imprint: Creative Health & Spirit
January, 2023

Linda Mackenzie

Have Fun! Explore Ancient Wisdom Symbols to Increase
Mindfulness, Intuition and Insight into Life Challenges

Linda combines knowledge of Ancient Wisdom and modern day teachings to provide the reader a personal journey through hundreds of symbols on 42 topics. When exploring these symbols, from Acupressure to Western Elements, the reader's connection to consciousness becomes 'up close and personal.' The book has fun discovery exercises and easy-to-read charts that are designed to help people identify their own symbols and find a deeper meaning of themselves, their family and friends. Fill-in charts are available in the book to amass the reader's symbols in one place. Filled with timeless facts Symbols Of You is also a reference book that can be used over and over again throughout the reader's lifetime.

Linda Mackenzie, a multi-book author, radio host, world renowned psychic, bio-energetic healer and hypnotherapist founded Radio in 2002 which reaches millions of worldwide listeners a month. She has appeared on hundreds of radio shows, almost all network/cable TV channels and in several award winning documentaries.




  • Discover your symbols and what they mean
  • Expand your intuition, mindfulness and consciousness
  • Get informed insight into life's challenges
  • Learn about family, friends and associates
  • Explore the knowledge of Ancient Wisdom


  • 42 Ancient Wisdom topics
  • A timeless facts reference book
  • 22 illustrations; 83 charts
  • 61 activities
  • 12 fill-in sheets to record your symbols





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Book Praise

Symbols Of You is an amazing collection of knowledge and wisdom. Everyone should have a copy to consult with and learn from. As a physician working with cancer patients, and others, to help them overcome the negative messages they received from health care professionals and others. I know what we can achieve when we connect with our true self and healing ability. This book is a guide book to life. So read and learn. - Bernie Siegel, MD author of Love, Medicine & Miracles and The Art of Healing.

Knowledge is the key to unlocking the great potential for growth and understanding. Through this book, Linda does an incredible job handing you those keys."- Emily A. Francis author The Body Heals Itself.

Linda Mackenzie is a wise and insightful spiritual guide who takes us on a holy inner journey to self-revelation. In this fascinating and challenging book, not only do we learn the historical context of the symbols, talisman, and totems of our world's religions, faith communities, tribes, and cultures, but we are given a directional map into our own hearts and souls that enlightens and enriches. - Rabbi Wayne Dosick, Ph.D. author, Living Judaism, The Real Name of God and Radical Loving

Linda's work pulls back the covers on the fact that we live in the world whose invisible relationships far outweigh those we see, and by which we measure our lives; in so doing, she not only invites readers to examine their consciousness through a much wider lens, but provides them the means to do just that. Well done! - Guy Finley, author of The Secret of Letting Go

In her newest book, Symbols of You, Linda gives you a personal manual to self awareness so you can better understand yourself and what motivates you. Most essentially, by decoding one's spiritual symbols you can see how the Universe supports you. It helps you learn how to decipher the code of mystery in order to direct the course of your life. It is a must read for everyone looking to actualize their truest potential.- Dr. Jane Greer, author Am I Lying To Myself

What a wonderful book! Symbols are an aspect of our vibrational essence and we all resonate with different symbols. Linda Mackenzie's Symbols of You allows the reader to explore an immense variety of different symbols, their use and their meaning-angels, astrology, plants, birds, crystals, animals, numbers, chakras, tarot, Native American, sacred geometry, kabbalah, runes and so much more! It's a compendium of different esoteric knowledge from so many sources all gathered together in a single collection-encyclopedic amounts of mystic information condensed into one user friendly book. You can travel all over the world in this one volume and find symbols that resonate with you. What a blessing. With exercises, visualizations and other tools to enhance consciousness and wellness, this book is a must! Congratulations Linda on this Magical Mystical Tour of Symbols! - Andi Goldman & Jonathan Goldman, authors, The Humming Effect and Chakra Frequencies


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