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Linda's Predictions for December...
(which may mean absolutely nothing)

    December starts out with the Frost Full Moon and Mercury Retrograde. Time to take a look at the things that are delaying you from progressing further in your life. When Mercury Retrograde hits you with a delay, snafu or error, take a look at how, why and what you are doing - then make adjustments. Think...are the outcomes delayed because you aren't looking at the greater good for all and are just centered on yourself and your life? Did the computer or electricity go off because you need to upgrade or change equipment? Is there a delay in receiving money because you are not using your resources wisely and need to rethink your priorities? Are the relationship snafus because you have a need to be right and perhaps need an attitude adjustment or maybe you are seeing deeper into this person and who they truly are. The trick to Mercury Retrograde is to not just shove the delays under the rug -- but to look at the information and make adjustments so you will never have to go through that lesson again.
    In the whole scheme of things remember to stay positive. I know some of the psychics and mystics are saying to buckle down for a heavy year of discovery, learning and delays - I am going to take the positive road. I believe changes are coming for the better and in January 2018 and beyond we will be blessed with more support than ever before and that prosperity and abundance IS literally going to happen next year - IF you do the right thing for the greater good of all, understand and let go of any negatives, have a deep abiding faith and trust that everything IS perfect in every moment - it will go a little faster.
    There are going to be great upheavals in business as the big guys scramble to buy up and take over the good little guys. The big businesses will try to cloak their motives saying nothing will change - "You'll still get the deals", "We won't add any GMOs to the organic food." - all subterfuge and lies - but people are aware and won't buy into the nonsense they spout. Truth will start to permeate everything on all levels and the enlightened people will become empowered by the truth. They will lead the source of information to all that need to hear it and things WILL be all right. We will start using our purchasing power to help each other rather than the big guys that are all about profit, power and money - no matter what charities they pretend to invest in - they get a write off make no mistake about it.
    The Internet and the computer generation will start to be curtailed by government regulation and the earning power of the elite few of this industry will start to dissipate. Robotics will not be as big as they say it is going to be. China will silently be trying to infiltrate our culture by buying up even more businesses, natural resources and real estate - but will they not overcome the American Spirit. They think we are self-centered and greedy, which let's face it most people are, but the 'just buy things culture' to get satisfaction will start to end. There is no joy in 'things' ---it's with people you love and the sharing of things that gives real joy and satisfaction. The goodness of people, the kindness of people and the coming together of people - as one - will give us the power and strength to overcome this silent invasion.
    Everyone is making a brouhaha over cryptocurrency and bitcoin - no doubt some people will make some good money on it - others will lose and this industry too will shortly come under regulation. Right now almost all info that stocks are based on is false information (falsified scientific results, falsified earnings reports, falsified marketing reports, insider trading, etc.) Remember with stocks and commodities you can win whether you buy or sell either way - long or short - IF you know what you are doing - but in reality it's just gambling and not usually based in truth - there will be changes here in 2018 because truth is starting to come into play.
    The government is a mess and is no longer believable in anything they do. They have proved time and time again that they are for themselves, power, corruption and money rather than the people and the nation itself. It currently thrives on discord and separateness. However, rest assured that nothing major can and will be accomplished this way - and what is can be undone. There is more shenanigans still coming however. Don't get too negatively emotional about them though - remember God is in control. What all these foolish people are doing is just showing their true colors so we can deal with them, and deal with them God will. God dislikes liars.
    As to your health this month be careful of the changes in the chemicals in our water, food, soil and air and especially the chem trails - they are more becoming more potent since drones are now used instead of pilots, except on some of the commercial airlines. You will feel sick faster - so as long as you know what is causing it you don't have to manufacture up and illness. Just keep your immune system up, eat right, reduce stress, exercise and try and get enough sleep. Rest when you need to -- and please enjoy your holidays. Take a rest from the turmoil and share what you have with family and friends (even strangers) this holiday season.
    Trust that good things are happening in our Universe. When Truth comes to Light and We Work by Truth -- the Darkness dissipates and Love becomes greater. REMEMBER WE ARE STRONG! WE STAND FOR THE GREATER GOOD OF ALL! OUR WEAPONS ARE LOVE, KINDNESS, GRATITUDE, FAITH, COURAGE, LETTING GO AND LIVING IN THE ,MOMENT! NOTHING CAN STOP US NOW - WE ARE ON OUR WAY TO GREATNESS IN 2018! With all my Love & Light - Linda

Remember you are your own best psychic.
Trust your gut feel!


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