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Linda's Predictions for January/February...
(which may mean absolutely nothing)

    Are you out of your fear yet? No matter what fear you have - you must face it with the idea that you will never experience it again or that if you do it will never be in exactly the same way because you are moving --FORWARD. It is time to let it go. Bring in the grace, the trust, the integrity and kick all those negative emotions to the curb - no matter what. It is no longer the time to reflect back on the past - time is changing so rapidly that by the time you think you've caught the reflection of what you think you need from the past -- life has, or is in the process of, moving on - with or without you --your choice. Sometimes it feels like Mr. Toad's Wild Ride but look and feel the steady undercurrent - and if you can't feel it - look for it. It's there. The undercurrent is singing sweet, low songs saying to you that all things, will be all right. And they will. In these times it is important to just know where you want to go, make a plan to get there but do not hold that plan in stone but be open to new possibilities and wait for the synchronicity of the moment to sweep you along. Negative emotions and fears will hold you back and we need to free flow at this time.
    Time after time the things that have been holding us back are being shown to us -up close and personal - right in our face. Over and over and over and over again until we let it go. You have to know by this time what is and isn't working - so stop being willful, headstrong and wanting things your way. Don't be so full of yourself...Did you ever see a grain of sand on a beach? You are that minuscule grain of sand which is just as important to the whole as the highest mountain. But the ego isn't important. How you want to do things isn't important. Making that money, getting that guy or girl, getting prestige is not important.
     So what is important? Being part of the solution and not the problem, kindness, caring, helping one another, doing the right thing, integrity, trust, truth and staying positive is important.     These times will pass and you will be the better for it. So instead of becoming forcefully involved - try showing up, observing and acting with positive thought, emotion and action. By doing this you will have that positive energy bouncing right back at you and really fast too. Stop thinking about the 'me' and think about the 'we' and don't just say the words with psychobabble - actually do it and be here now in each and every moment! Reality is nothing BUT the moment. Remember you are what you think ---and if you think the mind can't overcome emotions -- you are still attached to an outcome or want to fulfill an expectation and when that happens it creates a paradox in the brain and you will rarely, if ever, get what you want and actually truly need
     January and February are the months to go with the flow. Big changes will happen and this energy can help you manifest what you want. This period of time is going to bring us much closer to resolution of the negative aspects occurring on this planet and with its people. Things are going to begin to level out and the positive impacts will be felt more towards mid-February, early March. Use your money wisely -- not on speculative schemes and avenues, but directly to help the people and the planet with fair exchange for you. Never before in this age of thinking everything is for free do you have to come back to center and realize you get what you pay for. Big names usually means big hype. Stick with and totally trust things that you feel are right - not the statistics, rhetoric and dogma that is manipulating everyone at every angle at almost every moment in time these days - until even the people that made it up begin to believe it. Now more than ever before we need to trust our intuition and gut feel. That's what's right.
    On a personal level take care of your health ---the chemicals in our environment are really increasing so we all need to stay as healthy as we possibly can. A lot of people and animals will be passing over - but remember that is not the end of life - it is a new beginning. This time is a time of great promise -- and the promise will be fulfilled. We are riding our way into greatness. You will grow, get clear on what is really important to you, discover that you can get there easily and you will find Faith once again. Hold on to that faith AND your positive thoughts, emotions and actions. With this and our limitless Love and Light we are about to change the world. Open your hearts and minds and let the Love and Light in and stand by each other. Help pull the other one up - but not to your detriment. Take them within your heart but do not make them part of your heart. It's all about the balance - remember we are in a wild ride at this time. We are in this journey together and no matter if at times you may feel or think - we are never, ever alone. Love and Light is Infinite energy and we are already a part of it - so be positive so we can help uplift the world. With all my Love & Light - Linda

Remember you are your own best psychic.
Trust your gut feel!


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