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Linda's Predictions for MARCH -APRIL...
(which may mean absolutely nothing)

Remember to stay in the Spiritual Light and do not allow outside influences to destroy your peace with fear mongering and tactics that are meant to make you afraid and become part of the herd so you are more controllable. These days there is too much negative stimuli attacking us on all levels - so we must be mindful and grateful in each moment. From health scares, to environmental scares, to political and economy scares -- the list is endless. However there is truly nothing to worry about. Just become a witness and see what's happening without emotion or judgment. But Please, Please, Please use discernment to discover if something is right for you. Use your the initial gut feel of your truth meter to assess the information and NOT just the sound bytes of the information you are being fed.

We need to be part of the solution and NOT part of the problem. Remember the collective energy of everyone will reflect more negativity if people are buying into negative views propagated by the negative propaganda being spewed all around us. However also remember the Positive always overcomes negative in the end and that positive energy can and will overcome negative energy -- so stay positive as much as you can and don't buy into the reflections of negative energy.

Also if someone has a different point of view than yours...let them have it...don't try to change them - but work in advocacy on a national level rather than on an individual level. Why? Because there is more energetic power in groups where many like-minded people come together - so if you want to change something -- do what you can on an individual level AND join or help fund a reputable group that is for the cause you are interested in. No matter what - Bottom Line, do not worry about things. Just make sure you are taking positive action to help the cause and believe in a positive outcome. What do I mean by that? Here's just one example: Worried about the corona virus? Make sure you are keeping your immune system high and FEEL, KNOW and TRUST that you will not get the virus (which is at such minuscule odds anyway) and you guess what you WON"T get the virus - GUARANTEED - because the virus is not in your realm of consciousness and you are taking action of supporting your immune system to help manifest that outcome. Can it really be as simple as this. YES!

Next two months finances are being manipulated to be a roller coaster ride -- so it is still not time to invest in the stock market anything you cannot afford to lose. Bond market are okay, if you choose wisely. Real Estate market is coming down and will continue to do so. Don't buy into mall experiences or gentrification which is just a method for landowners and mall owners to make more profit without helping solve the problem, Instead of exorbitant rents being charged at malls to businesses give businesses viable rents so that they can actually make money and stay in business. Gentrification takes reasonable housing rents and makes them sky high taking mid, lower income people and seniors to the cleaners and increasing crime in the areas where they have put in gentrification. By the end of the year you should see some leveling of the real estate market and more opportunity to buy and sell. If you want to start a new business this time frame should be great for that -- make sure you have more money than you planned for to make it successful because hidden or unexpected financial costs are bound to appear.

Love is coming in from all directions - so it is a great time to find a new love or rekindle passion in an ongoing relationship. There will be many opportunities -- use discernment and make sure you set boundaries so that it has the greatest chance of success. If you are self-absorbed and looking for love just so you don't have to be alone -- make sure you love yourself enough to not have to NEED love. Remember wanting something is okay but needing something puts limits on it and takes away your power, as well as balance in love.

The next two months are a time of renewal. Get rid of your negatives. Learn your lessons so you never have to go through them again. Lastly be happy and let those positive emotions fly free. Now more than ever we have to look at the glass half full, instead of half empty. If you do just that and treat everyone with kindness and live your life in gratitude - you will be a winning position. Just Feel, Know and Trust and you're there.

Until next time...Much Love & Light - Linda

Remember you are your own best psychic.
Trust your gut feel!


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