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Linda's Predictions for October/November...
(which may mean absolutely nothing)

    Faith. Let me say that again - Faith. Can you hear me - HAVE FAITH! Over the next two months no matter what happens within you or without you - maintain faith in ultimate positive outcomes. The energy in October is something like a 'sticky wicket', a metaphor used to describe a difficult circumstance. This energy is going to be swirling around seeking to enhance your negative thought to bring you down. It will pick up anything and everything that you may have (or may not have) thought as negative and try to throw it at you - just to see if it can stick. BUT WE ARE POSITIVE RIGHT! So as soon as you recognize that this negative thought is NOT YOUR OWN ENERGY - kick it to the curb - guaranteed this negative energy WILL disappear. Some of the energy may require you to do this several times - but just LET IT GO.
    In mid October to early November this energy will change and you will finally be free of some of that old innate negative thought energy that has kept you down, maybe perhaps for years. You will see things in a new LIGHT and energy will flow to you in positive waves supporting you and helping you to be part a satisfied part, and hopefully getting out of your own ego to help the whole.
    This is the time where we must employ love, kindness, gratitude and other positive emotions to not only every one, every thing, every situation - but to ourselves. We are not helpless. We have the power to Live in the Now and strive to be positive in each moment so we are part of the solution towards positive outcomes and not part of the problem. Together we are strong. Even if we don't 'know' each other. Beam those positive thoughts and vibes up to the Light! Use your power of goodness to stay connected to the Light and stay as positive as you can. Remember Positive ALWAYs overcomes negative. Light A:WAYS conquers dark in the long run. So don't get carried away with anything negative for too long.
    Remember, the negative is only there for one reason, and one reason only, to bring awareness so we can do something to overcome the negativity - and in many cases that might be to do nothing but to be aware of what's going on.
    And talk about negativity being thrown at you! Don't buy into the fear that the government, the news media and other sources are using to control you. Because most times that is all it is used for - control and manipulation. War, disaster, failed retail industry blah, blah, blah. There's a Higher Power in control and everything IS under control. Make no mistake about that.
    Here's what I believe is going to happen over the next two months... The housing market will finally start turning and come down. New regulations will be started to put into place (over the next coming years) to stop the monopoly and control of big tech companies. Stocks will be volatile. Do not invest in the stock or commodities market unless you can comfortably afford to lose what you invest without impact on your daily lives or near future - Not the time to gamble.
    The job market is going to finally start to improve. Don't believe the skewed government statistics that have been thrown at you for the last couple of years about how the job market has improved and so has people's income. The majority know this is not true. Your standard of living hasn't made a lot of substantial gain that you can see. It's just more government smoke and mirrors - but now the job market IS going to start to improve. People will band together to help create new jobs or better employment overall. Make no mistake it is the time for Unions to come back and to voice concerns with intelligence, solidarity and passive resistance.
    Okay, a little bit about health. We are getting into a 'sticky wicket' with the releasing of genetically modified insects into the environment - across the world. In Natural food industry journals I am seeing whitewashing of drugs, vaccines, fortified foods (with GMO ingredients) and other untruths gearing us towards unnatural products and substances. These new methods and substances are especially not good for us, our families or the environment. These days science only does part of the equation (and for profit) and doesn't look at long term results. There will be more and stronger diseases and illness because of this tampering without conscience. So try to stay as natural and organic as possible. Be wary of science, scientific 'discoveries' and new drugs or vaccines which are trying to pull the wool over your eyes. They want to make things seem normal so you will accept them in the future. However, make no mistake they are manipulating science for profit - and in most cases it is NOT good for you.
    Want a happier life...than try to remember - it is not all about the tech...I mean really do you really need a $1000. Iphone when that extra money could help someone (or an animal) that is suffering from the aftermath of a hurricane, natural disaster or even homelessness? Do you really have to use and be on technology every minute of the day? Tone down the technology in your life if you want more peace, happiness and connection with people. If you want to find love - get out and do something where you can actually meet someone in person. Here's a novel idea - get out and join the living - help your community, take an exercise class, walk in your neighborhood and make new friends. Get involved. We are in this together - so let's get together! When we do - we can do anything. We actually help to spread and recognize the truth when we are together. That's why they don't want us together but want us glued to our phones, computers, TVs, social media and the Internet. They are giving us subliminal messages all the time. Am I saying stop using things all together - No - I am just saying take a break and become involved in your own life and nature - so we can maintain the natural wonder and awe of all that is in the real world.
    So stay strong and in the Light things will still be moving fast - but that also means moving faster towards a better, more positive place - so who doesn't like that! Lots of Love & Light!

Remember you are your own best psychic.
Trust your gut feel!


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