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Linda's Predictions for JULY - AUGUST...
(which may mean absolutely nothing)

Hold on! We are just about to turn a corner in consciousness. Positive thought, energy and action is paramount over the next two months to elucidate truth and raise the collective vibration away from fear and tyranny. Things are going to seem to be heating up with supposed medical mandates and lots of false narratives (and numbers) - but in essence they are heating up because we are winning. People are aware of what's going on, on some level. You must go back to basics, stop operating from fear and listen to your heart and gut feel --they will never deceive you and you will always be 99.95% right - for you. Because we are all connected let's make a conscious effort to practice the elements of positive thought - so we uplift everyone.

If you live in fear or continue to bring it in - fear will stay. The only way people control you is through fear and the only way to tackle fear is to walk through it. How do you help eliminate fear? We have to stop living in the lower energetic chakras where fear resides. One of the ways to do this is to Live in the Moment. Stop thinking about the future - it doesn't exist. Stop thinking about the past - it's gone. Live Here and Now. Be Here Now. That's all there really is anyway.

We can consciously control and change negative thoughts -- although it will take some time for the mind to change its habit so you can cement the positive thought process in place. We must consciously look at our thoughts and control them -- and not let other people and things control them. When you get into a negative emotion state -- realize it. Be aware of it and then take an action to get your mind to switch from negative to positive. Train your brain. Hint: If you HUM it immediately bypasses your lower chakras and raises the frequency into your heart chakra -- which can help you relieve negative emotions and maintain positive ones -plus it immediately makes you feel good. Doubt me? Try it and see.. NO! don't try it 1 second - try it for 20-30 seconds. Another method I use is when I get a pesky negative thought I think of them like a fly buzzing in my head and when I get one I actually take my hand and sweep it in the air to take that thought away from me and my consciousness. It works -- but looks a little strange as your walking to your flight at the airport.

Let's realize that fear is based in the fear of loss or the fear of death. We come in and go out of this world with nothing - except the love we give and receive -- so realization #1 - you have nothing to lose. Fear of death -- well, we can't cheat death. We are born to die and death is not the final destination. Our souls (or bit of unique energy, if you prefer) goes on. I have crossed over many times -- and there is life after death. So realization #2: there is no death. So stop believing that you are going to die because of this corona virus -- in actuality some will because its their time -- but most won't. Don't buy into whatever agenda they are trying to spin. There are more of us, then them - no matter what -- and if we act to just change our thoughts to positive ones this increases the love of the collective consciousness and makes them weak and truth prevail -- because truth IS POSITIVE. The more you are positive the more positive energy grows and it will continue to grow until it reaches critical mass and truth wins. Which means we get a better, more balanced world. Truth always does win in the end. So stop your fear. Remember the only way people (or governments) have control over you is if you let them. So don't -- but be more like Gandhi with passive resistance not the looting and riots. Let's be evolutionary - not revolutionary.

Some of the positive things I see is that the future is bright with hope, love and gratitude. We have come to the end of acceptance of bad methods and unequal control by government and business and a shift will happen. Yes, things will get worse in employment and housing. But hold on - big business will use this time to get rid of large salaried employees and retirees to replace them with younger lower salaried employees. However, employment losses will be temporary as we bring back or start new and more manufacturing and business facilities in the United States.

Rentals, housing and commercial real estate prices will continue to fall over the next several months, in fact until this time next year (maybe two) -- but that is a good thing because there was an inequity here that has to be righted and balance will eventually restored in a way that helps all -- and not just greedy landlords or property owners. Remember God didn't take you this far to drop you and if you're positive in the Light you will be protected 100%.

Be careful of stocks and bonds -- this is just funny money for the rich these days -- don't risk anything you cannot lose since markets are volatile and making money these days is usually by inside traders and their constituents. It should be obvious to you by now that money has no value...and its apparently limitless since the U.S. and other governments print as much as they need whenever they feel it is needed -- so don't make you status quo tied to money, tie your status quo to the love to and from people in your life, acts of kindness, gratitude, happiness, joy- you get the picture -- the positive things that create more love, peace and freedom.

Love is also in the air -- don't stop yourself from giving it out to everyone, even the ones you don't like. Hint: Theres a limitless supply of love- it won't run out and it doesn't have to printed or digitally created like that funny money. LOVE is the answer and we all have the capacity to love -- even if its buried far deep down where there seems to be none (there is always a spark). Let's remember that LOVE is the strongest weapon of all -- because LOVE NEVER DIES -- it may transmute, transform, even mutate -- but the Light of Love - never dies. It can't it's the Light of our souls and our very uniqueness -- so be strong -- we are not alone --we are in this together and we are LIGHT!

We are out of the negative curve and don't let anyone tell you different. The energy has shifted. The people are regaining their power and we are moving towards peace -- but it will take years to balance everything so that everything is working for the greater good of all -- but it is starting to happen. So please keep positive -- it is for your greatest good and the greatest good of all. If you are reading this - you are already part of the solution and not part of the problem -- and I love you for that!

-- Love & Light - Linda

Remember you are your own best psychic.
Trust your gut feel!


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