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Linda's Predictions for JUNE- JULY
(which may mean absolutely nothing)

Just as the weather is inconsistent these days, so is everyday life in all its forms. It seems that just as you think something is settled, something new bubbles up. The reason behind this is to realize that you must be centered, balanced and prepared for everything at all times.

At the beginning of this year I told you that whenever you are looking for the source of problems during this year never take the 'in your face' obvious...you must always look behind the face, behind their curtain, to ascertain the real truth. Truth is always one step in the background these days so it is also good to wait a minute before you make a reaction to ascertain and see the real source of the problem. This way you will eliminate uncomfortable additional steps towards your truth and freedom.

We are being bombarded on a mind and spirit level with many adverse toxins, some new, so our bodies and minds need to physically adapt to overcome these things that on a physical level is attacking our bodies and minds. As an example, T-Mobile is starting 10G networks and we are still trying too adapt to the 5G waves surrounding us and causing us havoc. We don't need 10G. Big tech companies and governments do for their AI projects and surveillance. Do you have to worry about AI? Not yet. It's still not strong enough to actually effect anything. If you want to keep human life as human don't buy into this AI so quickly. Refuse to use it and don't be tempted to things Artificial made by Artificial Intelligence. Don't give your mind power away
by being enticed with it. It will eventually take even more jobs away - so just say no. It's really worse than drugs for dumbing down people. It also puts the power of control with Big Tech and billionaires not even governments as they subtly (and not so subtly) manipulate you into thinking the way they want you to think. One way they are already doing this is by search engine results on the Internet. No longer are you seeing unbiased information results, even from the search engines that are supposed to not be 'connected' to big tech companies. I would you suggest you go back to libraries, encyclopedias and take active participation in the world outside to glean truthful information. So make sure you eat healthy (organic), take vitamins, supplements and herbs, plus get enough sleep and exercise especially to the end of this year.

I know you think things look bleak but, they are not. I actually see nature starting to get back to center. When nature gets back to center it means SHE has our backs in a much stronger way. You will find that a shift is starting to happen. The people that are trying to hurt the planet will see one catastrophe after another especially if they are trying to do things against nature in an unbalanced way. We as humans are not the be all, end all of power and knowledge -- we are actually just part of a grander plan. When we step out of line too much -- as in our recent past -- new things will come to balance us out. So do not fear things. If you are in the Light - God will give you everything you need. Stay steadfast in faith. Follow the truth and stay balanced since we are in for a little more of a roller coaster ride...but I do believe we are on the downward swing towards a positive outcome. We just got to get past the ego and feelings we are owed something. We are all individuals part of the same whole. No one is more important than another - no matter who you think you are. We are all one and should all be treated the same. Period. End of story. All other things are distractions and puts one at odds with one another. Look at the soul of a person - there is where you find their Light and true essence. Celebrate and support that on an individual level. Remember we have more things in common than not.

Love is in the air but it is time to go outside and find it. Do things. Be active and most of all be open. If your energy comes from a true need it will be fulfilled. If it comes from an egotistic I want, I need, I have to have - then you probably won't get the love you really want and may even have to do a do over. Remember you should be fulfilled and enough in yourself before you can get that perfect soul mate's energy to be attracted to you. If you need some love to grow with you can get that too - although it may not be long lasting at this time. You decide.

If your health is under the weather -- see what you can do with alternative therapies the wait times for appointments from Western Medicine may put you in jeopardy. So if you HAVE TO make an appointment with a Western Medicine Doc and have to wait - do some research and try some natural medicine - it just may cure you before your appointment arrives.

Things are in flux financially but I do believe that things will start going back to in pricing. Food should come down in the next two month. Housing in most states will come down. Rents will take awhile to become stable again but they are on their way. We just have to stop big money funding groups like BlackRock and greedy landlords from buying up homes and properties and charging exorbitant rents - just because they can. But the Cities/State with high rents will continue to see an exodus of people...who will not come back so readily when the turn around happens - and it will. .

Career wise - it is a good environment over the next two months if you want a new job, get employed or want a promotion. At least start the actions towards that although for some of you in may take until September to effect that change.

Summer is coming so get out and enjoy it as much as you can. Put aside the worries and get out in Nature or go for a walk. Smile and say high to your neighbors. Mingle with people that is your assignment for the next two months. If you do new positive experiences await you and you just might get outside of yourself an put a little joy back in.

-- Until next time...

Much Love & Light - Linda

Remember you are your own best psychic.
Trust your gut feel


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