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Linda's Predictions for MAY -JUNE...
(which may mean absolutely nothing)

Spiritually this time is a test in trust. A test to see if you have or can eliminate fear. A time to be part of the solution and evolution of a consciously aware planet that does not react but trusts in the goodness of whatever there is before them -- without blaming others for what they do - without being politically correct or incorrect - it is a time of kindness and gratitude towards yourself and humanity. It is a time of Love and Light and TRUE POWER!

It is also the time not to be led by fear and to check your facts in alternate places and not just one news source. It is a time to trust your intuition and not government or private agencies and businesses that have other agendas. It is a time to stand firm in your beliefs and to think independently and not be swept up in sheeple mentality. Whatever is right for you - IS right for you -- but only you. Other people are NOT the same. Every body's body is different, their belief systems are different, the way think is different and their spirit is unique and different. There is no one size fits all for humanity. If there ever was or is we would be on the road to extinction. So be aware of your own truths and do not place them as a necessity for others. It can't and won't work.

When the military was starting Artificial Intelligence in the late 70's and met with me to get my views -- I told them then that AI can't possibly be able to 100% predict things nor could it ever be human. Artificial Intelligence is just a series of 0's and 1's (ons and offs) of electrical impulses -- it is an energy -- but NOT, nor can it ever be, true life. We are all a spark of unique energy, so complex it can never be replicated, nor ultimately controlled. We travel the universe in that form it's our soul if you will and it is unique, timeless and cannot be replicated or replaced..

Governments have been taxing us to see how far we could be pushed through fear but now the pendulum is swinging back. The medical community created this fear and who cares if there is a hidden agenda -- we'll deal with that if and when it arrives, but that agenda has turned on them. The Medical Execs are in the business of making money and not saving lives, doctors and nurses are into that, but not Medical Execs or Big Pharma. Money first, lives second. Now hospitals are not overwhelmed, extra ventilators were never needed but they scared the public so much they are not coming in for heart attacks, and other high profile diseases and they are losing 50% of their money now because of the fear they created. There is always cause and effect that is the law of the Universe. So hang on to your rights this should be starting to wind down as more facts come out and people will not be pushed around -- Americans are just not made that way -- not even Californians. So fight the good fight, get back to our roots and don't fear or worry, things will be coming around to a new normal -- which we can and should shape -- and not leave it up to big data, big business, big pharma or government -- lets get back to positive venues for the people, by the people - for the greater good of all -- not just for some.

Over the next two months there will be a lot of euphoria and so love and openness and kindness and gratitude will abound, So the opportunity to bring more love into your life is really great in June. If you want to invest it is still a time to not invest anything you cannot lose. It's going to take until the October-November time frame for things to get back to center -- and if they do it will be in a new way with much more insider trading (which there always is) -- so be careful of your money. Don't fret about money if you are in the Light you will get what you need - Always - maybe not what you want --but always what you need.

If life has given you a curve and you need to find something new to do - do not despair - God did not take you this far to drop you. Pay attention to things around you and look for the synchronicity of the moment then act. If you're in the Light in absolute truth you won't even feel a negative change and if you do it will be very small and will be made up in the short time. Those of you in fear -- don't look for a magic carpet ride - until you come out from under the fear that truly undermines you - you will probably not have an easy time -- so the quicker you can turn to the positive side the better off you will be and the tide will turn for you too.

Last month I told you gentrification was not good and the corona virus and its social distancing is having a positive impact on that now. The Earth is healing -- so let's make a conscious effort to keep that going -- it benefits us all you know. The Housing market is starting to spiral down which is good to help the people who need housing to be able to afford them. If you want to start a new business end of June and September/October time frame should be great for that -- make sure you have more money than you planned for to make it successful because hidden or unexpected financial costs are bound to appear.

The next two months are a time of conscious change - so be part of the solution and make sure you support the people who are in your corner. Get rid of your fears and negativity as it comes up so you can move forward with a clear path. This IS a time of conscious revolution and should be looked forward to with positive expectation. Drop off your negative fear based clothing and leave it behind you. There is a joyful dance awaiting us -- and its starting soon.

-- Love & Light - Linda

Remember you are your own best psychic.
Trust your gut feel!


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