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Linda's Predictions for December/January...
(which may mean absolutely nothing)

    Shifting. Changing. In slow motion. That's what it seems like. We have come through a patch of time this year where many of our beloved people and animals have chosen to leave the planet. Lately our bodies have been compromised with almost inaudible sound frequencies that produce a constant hum in the background, especially at night. The pollutants from the foods we eat, to the water we drink and even to the air we breathe from the chem trails - is surely compromising us all. No wonder our bodies and minds have been struggling for balance. We are constantly fighting off illness. But despite this onslaught - those in the Light remain strong. We are Resolute. We just have to dance a little more quickly to stay on our feet - but we will not be denied. We want a planet that is peaceful, loving, giving and working in harmony. Despite the chaos around us we remain strong, and as we do, so does the positive energy on earth and universe remain strong - helping us to grow even stronger. Just a little while more now and you will find yourself adjusting and becoming even stronger as we expand the positive energy in truth and integrity to tip the fulcrum of power towards righteousness for all.
    Make no mistake our positive power is gathering and will make the difference. You will find life is shifting us back to a past time in the early 2000's - wherever you were at that time in you life you will now see similarities of that past. Use what you have learned to redesign the future to correct or enhance the probabilities for a more loving and prosperous outcome this time.
    When you feel you can't cope -- give it up to God (and whatever you want to call God is all right with me) and watch the stress, indecision and negativity melt away as you are renewed in strength and resolve. Do not give up on what you want. Whatever it is you are closer than you think. To give up now would be silly when you are so close. Everything on the planet is shifting and ready to help you whenever you need it. Do Not Doubt This. This truly is a magical time to accomplish great things not only for yourself but for the planet. Remember when you include service to others as part of your plan your energy grows even greater and the magnetic pull becomes even stronger for accomplishment of your goals. We are all connected so respect that and understand that you must take positive action, and not just use positive thought, to get your goals accomplished.
     There will be great disruption in financial vehicles so be very careful about investing at this time. All the markets are geared to make money for those already rich and powerful and with the artificial intelligence and manipulation they are using - you will gain very little. It is most important to spend your money on people and things that support each other and not the large corporations. People matter and not just a few that profit at the top. If we all used our money consciously they would have no choice but to change for the good. Looked what is happening with the organic food market. Now we just have to stand watch as the big companies buy up the organic companies and try to compromise the product. As soon as you hear that a big conglomerate has bought an organic company - Stop buying that product. It will be a short time before they either honor true standards or go out of business. Change is happening in the marketplace and the big 3: Amazon, Facebook and Google will be facing massive regulations. The tech world is coming down a bit as people move away from technology that does not truly serve them and their souls. People will be starting to seek being with other people rather than being alone with their computers this year. Distrust has entered the technical market and that will not be going away any time soon. The bloom is starting to come off the rose.    
    This Holiday Season we have much to celebrate - share the celebration with those less fortunate than you. We are on the crux of an evolution - one so powerful in positive energy that results will be felt around the world. I extend Love & Light and Much Positive Energy to you. May it Sustain you, Support you and Benefit you now and through all of 2019. Happy Holidays and a Blessed New Year!

Remember you are your own best psychic.
Trust your gut feel!


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