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Linda's Predictions for August/September...
(which may mean absolutely nothing)

    We are on our way. It is now time to disconnect from too much negative input. When you feel that anger start to spark or you start feeling you are on overload then just stop it. No matter what it is...Click over to a more positive TV channel.. Turn off negative radio rhetoric and tune in to positive talk. Put down the newspaper or get just off the digital grid for awhile. Take a break..You need to recharge so that your energy is high enough that when go back to what you were doing you can see the truth and take appropriate action sooner.
   Don't fall for all the stuff that is being presented to you either. COME FROM YOUR HEART SPACE with gratitude for what you have. Perceive things for the greater good of all, not just yourself, and please not just from your opinion or ego. We are all one so do not let outside forces divide us with distractions. You can't and probably won't see the real agenda behind what they are doing. But it doesn't matter. Remember together we stand, divided we fall. There are many more of us, than there is of those 'in power.' So be united for truth, integrity and the greater good of mankind, as well as, everything on this planet. You want to make a difference? Start here.
   We've been through the storm and there are many people, animals and ideas leaving the planet right now. This is the final transition. It is the Light is flooding in illuminating what we have to fix in ourselves, our community, our State, our Nation and the World. Some have had enough. They have finished their spiritual work. Others are getting shook to the core with revelations that are shattering belief systems that effect the mind or body or spirit level. One that needs to be expanded to help us become a greater, bigger force to help each other and the world.
    Remember we are, in most part, what we believe. If you believe in limitations, there will be limits. If you don't believe in limitations, your path is limitless. Change your thoughts, your habits and the old methods of how you do things so instead of stopping you they WILL heal and support you in a positive way. YOU CAN DO THIS. If there is a thought, illness, dis-ease, or a mental process that has become a habit based on a Fear (or ego) which is stopping you from being healthy, whole and positive then: Get out of its path; Change what you are doing; Go over, under or around it --but stop the negative as soon as you can. This supports Love, Light, the Universe, the Planet and YOU on a grander scale. This can and does make a difference, and it makes you feel better - SO JUST DO IT. Be part of a solution and stop being part of a problem.
    Finally, please, realize, feel, trust and know that positive always overcomes negative. You do not have total control over anything. God, or whatever you want to call God, is in control. We will always be taken care of. There are no mistakes, only learning experiences. So whatever agenda anyone or anything may have - God is in control - so trust the process. Show up and do your bit for change. Take care of yourself and others. It's the 'WE' GENERATION, not the ME generation. Together we are strong. So align yourself with the positive energy of God and any negative situations, no matter what, can and will be kicked to the curb. Just feel, know and trust that this is so - and it is.
    Okay so let's get a little more in depth --- Now is the perfect time for love relationships on any level. So reach out. If the intention is pure and coming from an unconditional place on what you really needed, then you will get what you want. Love can increase and happen anywhere.
    Housing prices are going to start to come down. Stock market and commodities markets will fluctuate in September, a lot, as the digital age starts to get curtailed by many government rules and regulations. Plus many people are trending towards more time away from digital devices. Don't believe the hype of new science discoveries or artificial intelligence - these are not going to have a large impact.
    As far as health, people know that Western Medicine and Big Pharma is just a money machine with no real goal of curing illness. In fact, I would strongly suggest that if you are over 65 that the western medical establishment (run by insurance companies) have a hidden agenda to not take care of you as well as they should. It is more profitable for future generations and their bottom line to not do so. Best to stick with original natural medicine if you can.  Health will continue to be compromised. So help your body by doing the right things for it. Get off of pharmaceutical drugs, take supplements, eat organic, get enough sleep and exercise.
    Most of all be happy. The Light IS streaming in. Love abounds. Things ARE changing for the better day by day by day. So look to the positive at all times as you live in each moment. Remember we are part of the Light - so breathe it in, feel it and then extend your Light with a helping hand for others! Till next time I wish you Love & Light!

Remember you are your own best psychic.
Trust your gut feel!


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