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Linda's Predictions for November/December...
(which may mean absolutely nothing)

    With the nonsensical energy of the election soon gone most of us are finding ourselves supporting beneficial causes and actions for the greater good of humanity, rather than just ourselves- and this is a right action at this time. However be aware that there is a lot of trickery and deception about to trickle in -- so any action should be pursued as an evolution of peaceful nature and loving demonstration. If anything comes through in the form of negativity or implied revolution please be alert because these actions (and people) are really wolves dressed in sheep's clothing. Although they may look as if they are doing good they are just really aiming to seed unrest and get our evolution delayed. Don't believe them and don't associate any negative action with any cause for the greater good.
    Why is this happening? Untruthful individuals and groups who are in this life just for the glory of power and money and not the greater good can no longer sway the people with their lies and untruths. The blinders are off. People in the Light (and there are more and more of us every day) can see right through their lies. They are and will continue try to infiltrate and provoke the ranks of peaceful causes (even on social media) to sow in the seeds of deviousness - but stick true to your heart and know this can't work anymore - because truth rings true.
     This is the time when we will get supported if we are doing right action for the greater good and not just ourselves. All positive energy, both seen and unseen, is getting synched together - to help us in our ultimate goals of being connected and nurtured as part of the whole - with constant, free flowing, effortless effect.
    We still have a way to go before this happens but we will now be supported as never before, IF and ONLY IF, it is not just about yourself and only your wants and needs. If you still got that going for you, well be prepared for some more false starts and stops to continue. For many months I have asked you to open your hearts and go beyond yourself - the time is really now especially if you want to ride this train to happiness.      
    We are not alone. Everywhere in our entire world is going through this phenomena. So also be prepared to take care of your body better than you have before because unforeseen health issues can occur as unscrupulous groups and agencies try to implement both unforeseen and more harmful things into our environment by our air, food, earth and water in an attempt to make more money for their greed. They will continually try to force elimination of our health freedom and big companies will pretend to be going organic -- but will they really? Be very, very aware. These are the times we must stand together as one in Peace, Love and Light.
     God's Got This. Mother Earth's Got This. We Got This. We are NOT alone any longer. I know I did more about what's happening than your personal journey about your love, life, career, health, money -- but all your goals in these areas are already moving forward. Every day they get closer. All you have to do is keep your heart and eyes wide open and grab that opportunity in the synchronicity of the moment. No second guessing - Just a knowing.

So smile - be there for one another - stand up for truth and justice in a loving way because - LOVE IS THE STRONGEST WEAPON THAT WORKS FOR EVERYTHING!

Remember you are your own best psychic.
Trust your gut feel!


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